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Mixed Up Girl:

Can't decide what to be for Halloween, be this confused girl!

You'll need:

    1. A long,dark wig and gel(from The Ring, I think)
    2. A *cheap* princess dress (Princess) 3. Fairy wings (fairy)
    4. A *cheap* Wonder Woman or Super-Girl costume(Super hero)
    5. Giant, chunky boot covers that look kinda like Frankie's Girl (Frankenstein's Bride) 6. Green face makeup (alien) 7. Scissors 8. Sewing supplies
What you do:
    1. Smear gel on the wig so it looks wet.
    2. Now here's the tricky part.Cut the WW or SG costume and the princess costume in half.Use any combo (top of princess costume or the other way around) and get an adult to help you sew the top to the bottom.
    3. Then put on the fairy wings.Then put on the boot covers.
    4. Lastly,put the green makeup all over your face!
It's a little challenging, but it's fun!

Thanks to Sam for this fun idea!

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