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Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Here's an idea, why not be Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I think it would be cool! You could wear like a lot of leather like leather pants and a leather jacket with a really cool tight black or any other color shirt. You could put a stake (a pointy wooden stick) up your sleeve. If you don't already have blond hair you could get a wig. Wear like cute black boots or high heels. She loves to look cute.

Wear a silver ring of some sort because on the show she has a silver ring that Angel gave her. (Optional) Have fun!

Thanks to Swethajune for this cool idea.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Here's another option...

Buffy and Angel

Hey guys, well if you are like me you love that girl who kicks booty named Buffy. Well, my idea is that you get a pair of red pants, a black top (tight fitting), some black heeled shoes, a leather jacket, and a blond wig or you could just dye your hair blond.

Or, if you are like me and have curly hair you can straiten it and dye it (washable dye). Oh yeah and don't forget Mr. Pointy (stake). Also be sure to wear a silver cross and the Irish Claddagh that Angel gave her. Remember Buffy is a hip chick with a lot of power.

Also if you have a boyfriend you could get him to go as Angel. He would need to wear all black. Black shoes , Black pants (leather) and a black button up shirt, or if you don't have a black shirt you could do a red or any other dark color. Oh yeah and spike up your hair.

Thanks to RCS for this great idea!

Another idea

If you wanna be Buffy the vampire slayer you need:

    1) Red leather pants
    2) Black tank top
    3) Any shoes
    4) Long blonde hair
    5) A wooden stake (not the food kind.)
Thanks to Faith for this addition.
Another Idea

Go as Buffy from the first season when she dies!

You need a white dress and heels. A black leather jacket. A big silver cross and a stake.

Thanks to DarkAngel for this addtion.

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