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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween


Items Needed:

    * A dress (great if thin)
    * A pair of slippers
    * Body glitter
    * Head band
    * Glue
    * Bendable wire
    * Feathers
    * Wings
Explanation: If dress is long have someone such as mom make it shorter by tucking it underneath and sewing it.(You can always take out the thread when done). Next get bendable wire, shape in a circle,and put glue all around so you could attach the feathers. You've got a halo! The rest is self-explanatory.

Thanks to Jessica for this cool idea!

Another idea...

You can be an angel by just wearing white pants, a pink shirt and white or pink shoes. Make wings out of sparkle fabric and hangers or just buy them.

Wear a lot of glitter make-up and then your done

Thanks to Shorty for this idea!

Another Idea

This is all you need:

    1. A white dress better if its long with sleeves, if no sleeves then just wear a white over jacket of some type
    2. Wings (cheap at Wal-Mart) or you can make them out of cardboard and feathers (from a pillow)
    Steps for Wings:
    • Cut out card board wings from an old box
    • Put rubber cement all over the card board
    • Take an old feather pillow and cover the wings with the feathers
    • Use old shoe strings or some type of string to hook on costume you can even pin them on the costume
    3. Halo - you can make one out of an old head band and wire
    Steps for Halo:
    • Take an old headband
    • Attach wire to headband
    • Have wire go up in the circle way
    • Place rubber cement on wire
    • Cover the wire in silver glitter
    4. Shoes - white slippers work very well
The only thing i know to do is I added some sparkle makeup to me to add the glimmer/angelic look to my eyes and cheeks.

Have fun being an angel! Happy Halloween from an anonymous submitter.

Child Feather Wings White

Child Feather Wings White

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