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Destinys Child:

You and two friends can dress up to be Destinys Child. One can be Michelle, one Beyonce and one Kelly.

Your group of friends and you will kind of match like Destinys Child You will all wear jeans on the bottoms and for the top color of your choice.

Michelle should wear a tube top showing belly button color of groups choice. Then you can have a headpiece microphone and you should wear pants that are jeans. Also wear dangle earring and really dark red lip stick you can wear blush and have a purse. And for shoes strapped on flip flops.

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Destiny's Child
Beyonce should wear a halter top of group color. You should wear a tight mini jean squirt plaid is a good choice. Also a microphone you hold in your hands. With huge hoop earring as big as you can find. A small jelly bag purse and big long black boots.

Kelly should wear a really funky T-shirt of any type of group color. With headpiece microphone and jean Capri or pants. Dangle earrings and light pink lip gloss with black or white newsboy hat or baseball cap you can also wear high high heels.

Wear wig that matches your persons hair.

Have fun.

Thanks to Elle (10) Wisconsin, for this great idea!

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