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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Unique Ideas:


A friend and I went to a Halloween party a couple of years ago dressed as a pair of dice. We got two square boxes and cut a hole in the center of the top and 2 holes in either side for our arms.Then we painted the boxes white and colored in the black dots. We wore a black turtle neck and black tights. it was very cute!!!

Thanks to Ellen for this great idea!!

Another Idea

Hi. I'm Lindsay. If you're anything like me, you can never decide what to be for Halloween! I thought of this cute idea last year.

A pair of dice! This costume is designed for two! Get two pretty big cardboard boxes (big enough to wear). Then, cut holes at the bottom (for legs),sides (for arms),top(for head).

You can paint it or cover it in any color you want! Next, draw pretty big circles on each side. Just make sure it looks like a dye. Next,you are ready for a night of fun~
.~*~.G O O D L U CK.~*~.

Thanks to Lindsay for this addition.

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