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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

More Road kill:

Dress in black. Paint a yellow strip down the center of your outfit. Safety pin old stuffed animals to your body. Put black tire tracks over the stuffed animals. You are now "ROAD KILL".

Thanks to Todd in Washington for this one!!

Another Idea

For two years in a row I was road kill. My dad and I made it our selves. You need a white shirt, a car tire, and black paint. You take the paint and put it on the tire. Then you roll over the shirt with the tire! You could add fake blood too.

Thanks to Jessica for this addition.

Another Idea

Take a black sweatshirt and paint a white broken line down the middle of it. Take an old stuffed animal and rip it apart with some of the stuffing coming out of it. Attach the stuffed animal to the middle of the shirt with hot glue or safety pins.

You can add red food coloring in spots to look like blood. You are road kill.

Thanks to Dawn for this addition.

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