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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Animal/Insect Ideas:

Butterfly, Bumble Bee, Lady Bug:

Last year, my two best friends and I went as a butterfly, a bumble bee, and a lady bug.

We all got a tight black long sleeve shirts and black jazzersize pants. Then we got the wings: butterfly wings, bumble wings, and lady bug wings. We then made little tutus, one pink (for the butterfly), one yellow (for the bumble bee), and one red (for the lady bug). Each of us had our own antenna.

For our shoes we got slippers: pink, yellow, and red. We all got fake eyelashes and had glitter on our faces, and our hair was done cute down.

The costume was very cute and would be a good choice if you were in high school and still wanted to go trick or treating, or you were going to a Halloween party and wanted to look cute.

Thanks to Bianca this fun idea!

Lady Bug Infant

Lady Bug Infant

Cute as a bug!

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