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Family/Group Ideas:


I haven't actually done this but it would be fun to dress up like the Friends gang from the TV show 'Friends'.

Someone could be each person. What you will need:

6 people(one for every person).

    Rachel -brown wig or brown hair dye (hair should be straight), blue flair jeans, shirt should be tight (green is a good colour).
    Phoebe -she wears kinda weird clothes cause she doesn't care what people think about her. So maybe like a flowered shirt with a zippered sweater over it. For hair a blonde wig (her hair is always straight) also wear like a little butterfly clip in it or a flower.Shusuallyly wears a skirt (purple maybe).
    Joey - he's crazy so pick an out going guy that will wear maybe a flowered shirt and shorts or jeans. His hair is normally a crazysoo take gel and just mess it around.
    Chandler - he is usually just going with the flow. Wear a normal button up shirt (blue maybe) and jeans. His hair is shortsoo just leave it how it is.
    Ross - he is all about being proper. so something sleek.. maybe a suit if u can get one. And a tie definitely hair is jelled up @ the top to form a peek.
Have fun!!! When going around be sure to sing the theme song we all know how it goes "I'll be there for you!!.."

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this great idea!

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