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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Family/Group Ideas:

Fanta Girls (Fantanas):

A great group costume is to have four people and go as the Fantanas from the television commercial.

Each wear different color tight, short dresses and headbands to match.

Finish off with white boots and a bottle of the Fanta drink!

Thanks to Frogster for this fun idea.

Another Idea

To be really funky, why not be a Fantana? You're going to need:

  • A bright colored miniskirt--hot pink, blue, bright yellow, anything
  • A big belt with a big buckle
  • A matching tank top to your skirt
  • Big hoop earrings
  • Make your hair wavy, straighten it, or curl it
For makeup, just be really extravagant. Maybe sparkly matching eye shadow and lipstick. And DON'T forget to carry around your bottle of Fanta!

Happy Trick or treating.

Thanks to Stacey for this fun addition

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