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Kids Turn Halloween

Happy Crafting Halloween

Vintage Pumpkins:

Very similar to the Bumpkin Pumpkin with a few changes.

Vintage Pumpkin Supplies:

  • Paper Mache Paste
  • Balloons (any size)
  • Newspaper
  • String
  • Spackle (available at Hardware store)
  • White Glue
  • Heavy Paper
  • Paint
What to do:

I've been making paper mache vintage reproduction Jack o'Lanterns for years.

I finish mine off a little differently than the Bumpkin Pumpkin (click for full instructions). I create the pumpkin using the paper mache technique. Instead of using cut strips of paper, I hand rip the paper into small pieces ( perhaps 2 inch sections).

Hand ripping and keeping away from the sharper edges of the paper, allows the bits of paper to blend on your work. I have found that using strips is more likely to cause gaps that may be difficult to fill in later.

Instead of adding a cardboard circle for the bottom, I simply dampen the bottom once again using a spray bottle filled with water after my piece is completely dry. I am then able to create a bottom by gently pushing the pumpkin downwards onto a flat surface.

If I'm in a drying hurry, I may use a hair dryer. Otherwise, I simply let the pumpkin air dry over a wide mouth upside down jar. The jar helps in retaining the newly created flat surface at the base of the pumpkin.

Once the piece is completely dry again, I may use a little thinned out spackle to cover the entire piece before painting. Spread evenly. You can buy quick drying spackle in the hardware store that turns white to let you know when its dry. After drying sand lightly with medium grit sandpaper.

I always cut out the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin, placing hand drawn paper eyes and a mouth on the inside of the pumpkin with white glue behind the cut-outs.

It takes a little longer using my method, but the results are great and last seemingly forever. The photo above shows two Vintage pumpkins with this technique using spackle. Notice the smooth surface.

Small Jack O' Lanterns can be made then placed on little homemade boxes for a vintage look. Staining with a water base stain will make any of these projects look as though they have been handed down over time.

After painting pumpkins, I finished off each with a matte spray, to keep the colors nice and bright.

Thanks to Sue for these terrific addition!
Photo taken by and copyright to Susan Yasinsky

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