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Post a tribute to YOUR Dad!
Father's Day
To My Daddy
Thank you to all of those Dads out there fighting for us but this goes out to my daddy he is not out there fighting but is still doing the same thing he has protected me and made me who I am today and this goes out to him.
There is a lot of wonderful dads out there but there is only one that is made for me and I am holding on to him because to me he is the greatest dad ever.
Thank you daddy I love you and Happy Father's Day. I Love you
I Love you
Happy Father's Day

To A Wonderful Daddy And Hubby
I Love you daddy. U are one in a million and the grestest day in the world. Even thou I get on your nerves, U are always there for me.
I Know I tell you I love you all the time but today more than ever I need to tell you and show you. U mean the world to me and so much more.
Thank you for being always there for me and mommy and we love you with all our heart.
Love you always
Sarah, Stacey (mommy)

Dear Daddy
We just wanted to say we love u and we are so thankful for u being our daddy
Even though u are not our biological dad we just wanted to say we love u and we always will
Please come home to us and mommy soon. We love and miss u. Iraq doesnt need u we do
We love u daddy
Jasmin, Melissa, Damien

To a Terrific Dad
We love you dad, for all you do
You work hard to provide for us, mow our lawn, and coach our teams
You are the best dad in the world and we love you!!
From Your Kids,
Alex, Abby, and Trevor

To The Best Awsomest Dad in the World
Love ya
Miss ya
Thank ya for being here

4 A Special Dad
We just wanted to say Thank you for being such a great Dad.
We love you.
You are everything a kid would want in a dad.
I thank God we have you.

I Love My Daddy
You are special
One of a kind
I am so glad you're mine
You Rock Daddy!

To Daddy
You have been an angel from heven
You have helped me through exams
You are amazing
You are the most best dad in the world

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