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Post a tribute to YOUR Dad!
Father's Day
Wonderful dad, Mike
For the time we spent together
He was caring and there for me
I couldn't be more grateful
Thank you dad 1950-2006

To the Best Dad Ever!
You do things with us that mommy won't do and this is y we love u!
You is the best so much greater then tha rest!
This is y I'm at this computer desk to tell ya how much baby ye' an sani love u!
Happy first Father's Day!
Cartiye & DeSani

I Love You
I Love you dad! Thank you for all of your support through out the years! :)
Just thanks for being there for me
Jeezz....High school already! :P
Sarah, David and Matty

I Love My Dad
Dad you are so special
You are never mean to me
I love you now and forever
I am as lucky as can be
Andrew xx

I Love U!!!
You are my Apple
You are my Rose
You are my Father
The greatest one also!!

I Love You
You have supported me through all my ups and downs,
You have given me an unconditional love that rivals moms:)
For that I thank you and will always be your little girl.
My love with you always

You're The Only One
The only man a girl can rely on is her dad
He is always there to hold your hand
There may be other men in my life but you'll sways be top dog.
I love you xxxx

Love Shelby, Hunter, and Kourtney :)

Dad, You're The Best!
Daddy, your the best
Better than all the rest
I love you, you love me
Happy Father's Day from you to me!

Dad - My Hero
I love u always
U are the worlds best dad
U are my hero for life
I couldnt ask for a better dad!
Kaylie T

Happy 1st Father's Day Daddy
Your the best daddy I could ask for
Thanks for everything you do for me and my mummy
Have a great spoilt day, All my love always
Your little man
Reece Peter

The Best Dad Ever
Dad thanks for everything you have done for us.
We enjoy all the time you spend with us.
Hope you have the best day ever.
You mean the world to us all!
Love Bailey, Bradley and Blakeley

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