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Kids Turn Halloween

Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween Garland & Charades Game

You'll be amazed at just how much imagination the kids have when you play this child's version of Charades. Even the 3 year olds had a blast acting out the parts, and everyone laughed til their sides hurt.

A wonderful game for all ages!


  • Plain printer paper or colored construction paper
  • Printer (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Thread/string
  • Tape
  • Clothes Pins (optional)
General Instructions

    1. Print out desired quantity of graphics (at least 1 per child) on printer paper then cut them out; or cut out your own shapes from colored construction paper.
    2. Write poem (action to perform) on back of each graphic (suggestions below).
    3. Tape or attach a double layer of thread/string on wall.
    4. Tape or attach (with clothes pins) each graphic onto thread to form a garland.

How to Play

Have each child choose a graphic from the garland. Read the back of the graphic and the child must act out the poem instructions. Be sure to print at least 1 per child. But you will certainly want to print at least 2 per child, because at our party all the kids were yelling ďletís play again!Ē.

Poem Suggestions: (use these or make up your own)

    1. The night is dark, black as pitch, You must cackle, like a witch.
    2. These are not very scary, But you must dance, like a fairy.
    3. Close your eyes tight, so you canít see. Turn around 10 times then act like a tree.
    4. He can not sing or talk, so show us how to do the Frankenstein walk.
    5. You are a dizzy witch upon a broom, fly around backwards around the room.
    6. Trick or Treat, you must smell your feet.
    7. Some say they are cute, Others say they are funny. So hop around, like a bunny.
    8. Iím round with black eyes and orange skin. So roll around, like a pumpkin.
    9. Wear this mask upon your nose, turn around 10 times then touch your toes. (tape the graphic to the childís nose).
    10. Creepy creatures, They do stalk, You must do, the spider walk.
    11. Pretend to be a black cat. Now do 3 things to act like that.
    12. Ghosts only come out at night. Fly around the room and howl, to give us a fright.
This Halloween Game idea submitted by Donna Dick - thanks!

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