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Nintendo Halloween Nintendo of America is Celebrating Halloween by Bringing Five New Experiences to Wii and Nintendo DS Owners

The newest addition to the WiiWare service, Happy Holidays Halloween, lets players use the Wii Remote to create and send fun Halloween cards.

Players use their imagination to dress their character in different costumes, and then decorate the card choosing custom backgrounds, music and stickers. The Wii Remote controller allows them to easily navigate through the different menus and add stickers in the position and size of their choice. Other spooky adventures available on Wiiware include Ghost Mansion Party, Zombie Panic in Wonderland and Cave Story. Or, Wii owners can explore their darker side in dozens of classic RPGs on the Virtual Console service, including three games from the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, five from the Castlevania series, plus the action platformer, Samurai Ghost.

Netflix owners can get their Halloween party guests howling by streaming more than a dozen categories of “Horror” flicks through their Wii consoles with the Netflix Channel installed on their Wii Menu. The Netflix disc that was used for instant streaming on the Wii console is no longer required! After downloading Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel (at no extra cost), the Wii Remote will guide users through the interactive menu to the “Horror” category featuring some of the newest and most popular scary movies – just in time to get into the “spooky” spirit. Once they get their scary-movie fix, users can browse through movies recommended for them by Netflix or search for a specific title.

Wii owners can add supernatural fun to their Halloween party with a wild new set of party games and group activities found in the new disc-based game, Wii Party , which brings players new ways to interact with the Wii Remote controller and their personalized Mii characters. A total of 13 party games and more than 80 minigames are available, including:

  • Zombie Tag
    • 1-4 players; run through a cemetery and avoid getting caught or EATEN by zombies!
  • Flashlight Frights
    • 2 players; run through a haunted house using a flashlight to scare away ghosts!
  • Saucer Snap
    • 1-4 players; snap the best picture of the flying saucer and win!

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure extends the fun of Halloween by offering mysterious environments to explore, including the spooky Haunted Zone! Fans get to play as the iconic Pikachu, exploring the various themed Zones of the PokéPark in order to help the rare Pokémon Mew find the scattered Sky Prism pieces and save the PokéPark.

Handheld gamers wanting to create their own ghoulish experience can purchase the newest software for the Nintendo DS family of systems,

. The Nintendo DS stylus can be used just like a paintbrush or pencil, while the touch screen functions as a virtual canvas so fans can sketch out their favorite Halloween monsters or paint their own jack-o-lantern! This title offers a series of fun, interactive lessons that teach the essentials of drawing and painting, plus unique features that let users create and store their own personal masterworks.

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