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2007 TRIBUTES TO MOMS - Page 3
Mom How I Love You
If love were a color...
You would be the rainbow to me mom
Because all I am, and all I ever wish to be,
I owe it to you my angel mother.

Hailey P.

I Love You
Mom I love you
Mommy I do
So mommy won't you love me too
Mommy I love you I do


I love you Mom!!
There are so many special mothers in this entire world
But none will be as special as you were to me.
You helped me learn to love, to laugh and to live.
Thank you for everything Mom, so I can now pass these memories onto my children.

Love, Violet xoxoxo

I Love You So Much Mom
Mom you can always make me laugh or smile
I'm SO proud of your acomplishments
Make today great case you deserve it!!

your Special-K

We love you with all our hearts
You're the best thing that happend to us
Thanks for all you do for us
We Love You

From Your Kids

My Loving Mom
North, South, East, West, You're an awesome mommy, and you're the best
I love you with my heart and soul mom, thank you for always being there for me no matter what.
You're the rock I stand on, you're the shoulder that I lean on. You're the heart that keeps me pumping.
You're the most incredible, brilliant mom in the world, and you prove it everyday because of all the love you shower. Thank you mommy, I love you A LOT


Best Mum Eva!
Ma mum is da best
She's a lovely mum, Asian and comes from da west (lol)
She's da best..I luv her..she luvs me too
Thanxx 4 everyting mum ur da best too


My Mommy
My Mommy always smiles
She can laugh and giggle for miles
We play all day and what more can I say
I love you to much,oh Mom!!, I say that with a smile :)

Love Erin

A Very Special Mom
Mom I could never express in words the love and thanks I have for you, you stood by my side during the bad times when I didn't have a clue
You are the one who taught me to dream, anything is possible when we are a team,
You are my friend, my heart, and my soul, you are the greatest friend I know.
You are the words inside my song, you are my love, my life, my mom!


U R the BEST!!!!
I luv u n u mean a lot 2 me.
I can't tell u how L-U-C-K-Y i am 2 hav a mother like u!!
I want u 2 know that if u cud count my love for u, u would never stop (unless u don't know what no. comes after)!!
xoxoxoxoxluv u!!

Your very own Anu

I Will Always Love You
No matter how old I get and no matter how distant I may seem.
I will always love you
When I move away and when I'm not so little to be your little girl
I will always love you and be your little girl in my heart and yours

Love your little Princess Sarah

The One I love!
You are so special to me in so many ways. I can't even imagine how many words I would need to describe you!
You are so amazing. Each and every day I can't wait to see you!
I am always looking forward to spending the next day with you! You are the picture perfect mom that anyone could ask for.
I am the luckiest daughter in the world. To have you as a mother. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the things you have done for me. Happy mothers day. I hope that it is the best one yet! Always remember that to me every day is Mother's day. I love you with all of my heart mom. Once again Happy Mothers Day!

Jess xoxoxoxoxo

Rock Star
I'm not going to make this sappy
Because if I do it will be too long
So I will just say this...
Mom, You ROCK!!! I love you!!




The Best Mom in the Universe
My Mom, The Woman who has been there since birth. The Woman that would do anything for me. My mom, the woman that puts up with me even if I misbehave
My mom, the one that takes care of me when I'm sick, my mom, the 1 that I KNOW cares about me
Your loving son


To the Greatest Mom
Saying thank you could not explain in detail or expression how I feel For all the things you have done to entertain Enlighten, help or even heal.
We've shared many laughs, giggles, tears and fears In the countless moments that we've had You always seem to make sunny skies apprear No matter if they're good times or bad.
As time goes by and I continue to get older I couldn’t have asked for a better mother

Nathan J

My Mother
My mother is really sweet
She tucks me in to bed when I am sick
She makes me happy when I am sad
I will love my mom no matter what


Best Mom
My best frined
I could have never got a better mother than U
U R the best :D


I Love My Mom So Much
My mom has the sweetest heart
Everyone who meets her, loves her
I know she will always love me
and I will always love her


Mom/Gronga you are so nice
You are the best
I want to spend more time together
I dont want to lose you
You are just so fun


Ma I love you!
Please take care of her God!
We all love her so very much!
God ensured she returns in great health!
I love you mom!


To My Mom Squirley
You've always been there for me
Through thick and thin
Thanx for everything! I know it hasn't been easy
Just wanted to let you know I love you


Love You Mom
Mom we have so much fun together!
Happy Mothers Day!!
Love You always

Special K

NANAY KO (my mother)
Mahal ka namin nanay mer

My Panda Mommy
Our love is undescribable
It's like trying to describe how to describe how humans walk the earth
Or why people love rainbows; after all they are just the sky colored
But it's something deeper... the pot at the end of it... like out love


To my old lady!
I thank God for you!
You're my secret weapon, when I do something bad!
Even though we fight, I sure as daisy love you!
Especially when I make you mad! ... with laughter!

$!lk!@ your skiniest daughter :D

Happy Mother's Day Mary
Momma, I can't believe it's been over 5 years since you went to God. I miss you still so much and I feel such pain each Mother's Day knowing that I don't have a momma here to shower with love and gratitude for all you have done. I'm sorry I don't go to your grave very often. It's just such a harsh realization to go there and know I am not going to see you again, at least on earth. I pray that when I pass from this existence that you are waiting with your beautiful smile and your loving arms. I hope someday I will be able to communicate with you and know that you are near I am sorry that you had to put up with your crappy sisters all those years. It has become clear to me that they are such losers. You were such an angel to forgive them with your last breath. I know you wanted to tell them how bad they hurt you through the years, but in the end you forgave them. It shows truly what a saint you were. I miss you sweetheart, so gentle and kind God be with you 'til we meet again. Your loving daughter,
Lisa Lu (I love you)

My caring my only MOM, Maria
I just want everyone to know about the person Ii have always wanted to be the one who taught me everything I need to know and told me to always keep trying and never give up, the one and only my mom.
I will never forget all the times u have helped me and I'll never forget all the times me and u will do something together like walking, cooking and cleaning the house. I think u are really the best mom because u always know the right thing to do, and u never want anything to ever happen to me.
I know we fight a lot, but ALWAYS I will love u no matter what!
I will and always think your the best mom, love ya xoxoxoxoxoxo!!

Your litttle angel, Paola!!

I Love You Mommy
Even though we argue a lot
Scream and kick but all the time
Your're my mom
And i'll love you till the end of time


Mother you are an angel sent by God
Mummy I love you. You brought with so much hardship with honey and love mixed with it.
I love you for always cheering me up in whatever difficult and depressing situation I am.
love you because you are my dear mummy.
Keep smiling , be healthy always and be there with me


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