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Post a tribute to YOUR Moml!
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Dear Mama:
It has been nine years since you passed away. Still, a day doesn't go by when I don't think of you. As I raise the grandchildren you never met, and find myself walking in your path, I have so many questions I wish I could ask you. How did you ever do it all? What sustained you through all those years of giving to your family? Were you happy? I'm sorry that I didn't know enough to ask those questions when you were with us. I can only hope that I said "I love you, Mama" enough. Because I do, and I always will. I miss you, Mama.
Love Always, Melody
Dear Mommy:
Mommy your the best mom a daughter could ever have. We all love you so much and hope to god that you will be their forever. Their are good times and bad but best of all theirs ther good old days that you spend with us.
Love from Britt,Court, and Kim

Dear Mummy:
Have a great Mother's Day. I love U.
Love from Jasmin

Dear Mom:
Every kid would want you as a mom. You're the bestest mom in the whole wide world.I am so glad you are my mom.
I love you so so much. Your daughter,Teressa Nicole

Dear Mother:
I love you dear,
even if the end is near.
Watching your smart ways,
Makes me wanna grow up in future days.
Keeping you happy is my goal,
for my brothers they can go hide in a little hole.
I love you so much so don't ever forget that mom.You are the greatest in the whole world.I love you so much.

Joanne the only girl angel

Dear Mommy:
I could not ask for a better mom then you. You have been for the the past 12 years and always will be.
I love you so very much


Dear Mommy:
I love you a lot sometimes I get mad so I hope you understand.I hope Mother's day is a blast for you. You're a hard worker and a hard working mother to me. I love you a lot mom, so does Nik
Love your oldest daughter Arman

Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and hoping that you have a wonderful Mother's Day! One of the greatest joys in my life is having you as a best friend. Not to mention a wonderful neighbor. I appreciate all the things you do for me (big and small), but I appreciate YOU most of all.
I love you.

Mary Jeanne

Dear Mommy:
I'll try to not fight with fatty(TANU). To help out in the kitchen more and to clean my bedroom more often.
I love you a lot Armandeep

The Best Mom:
Mom I just want you to know that I am so proud of you for what you have become. No mom could ever take your place!! Your the best mom in the world, and I'm so glad I have you.
I love you


Dear Mom:
I love you so much. More than you'll ever know. I appreciate everything you do. You work so hard, and I just wanted to show you how much I care about you. You are so loving and always support me in everything I do.
You are the best Mom EVER! Happy Mother's Day!


Dear Mom:
I don't say it enough and shouldn't wait for Mother's Day but I love you a lot and wish we saw more of each other.
Your daughter Jackie

Dear Mum:
I just wanted the whole world to know that I love you so much :) You mean everything to me and Stephen, and we know how hard it is to do it alone.... You are the best mum in the whole world, we owe so much to you
Love always from one lucky girl,


Thank you Mom!
Thank you for always being there for us. You are the most wonderful person in my life. Thank you for being in that special spot no one can occupy You help us in our daily lives to succed or maybe just to clear something up Thank you
You do almost everything for us. Thank you so very much Mom

Sofi and Cookie

Dear Mommy:
I love you sooooooo much mommy!There is no mommy quite like you in this entire world! Hope you have a great day filled with lots of love and happiness Mommy!
Hugs & Kisses,


Dear Mom:
We love you so much. You are the best in the world and number 1 in the world. I'm glad you were born. We love you so Much!!!!
Love Ariana, Ann Marie, Adam, Alexis and Daddy

Dear Mom:
Roses are Pink,
Violets are Yellow,
I like you best,
When you are mellow.
Happy Mother's Day


Dear Mommy:
I Love You, and am very proud of you and that you are my mother. I hope you know how special you are. Grammy is with you today and everyday to give you strength. It will be hard not to see you on Mother's Day this year, but I want you to know how much you are loved. I hope you enjoy your trip.
Have a fun, safe trip. Love Ya, Love


Dear MOM
Mom life has never treated us well but I'm glad that we went through it together you were always there to wipe my tears and to hold me in your arms. I want you to know that I truly thank god everyday that I have you with me . Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on , my shade from the sun, my light from the darkness and my wings to fly . I just realized i have never said thank you .
I love with my heart and soul . And thanks again mom

Daisy R.

Dear Mom- **the only one who understands!:
I love you so much, mom. When ever I think of you I can't help but smile and sometimes cry. Because you mom are the one that brought me into this world, and showed me so much love. Even when I never showed or gave it back to you.
I want to thiank you for being there for me when I needed you the most and for not ever giving up on me. Without you, mom I would be dead. But you helped me get thruogh all of the rough times in my life. And I thank you dearly. You will never know how much you have given to me, I just wish there was some way I can do for you what you have done for me!
So mom after these past to years, I think you deserve a day to you, this Mother's Day I'm home and I will make you proud of me. You are everything to me, everything a mom should and always will be.
I love you, MOM

Ashley *Sweet- Pea*

Dear My Mom my Friend:
Mom you have not only been a mom to me throughout the years, but lately you have become my friend, and not just any friend either, my best friend. I love you more than words can say. I know that I am not the easiest to deal with at times, but you do it anyways, and you do it in style. I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day. PS Thanks for being the mom that you are!
Love always Lucy lu (Brittany)

Dear Mama:
Thank you so much for being a mom I know its hard raising teens and a preteen I just wanna say I love You and although a lot of times I dont show it You are really a blessing to me and I am so Thankful God blessed me with you.


Dear Mom:
I would like to tell you how much I love you and that i'm glade your my mom. you do so much for me and wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOU!
Love Always Bianca

Dear Mom:
I miss you. Not a day goes by when something does not remind me of you. If you were worried about being forgotten, forget it. Dad and I still sit in your rock garden at times, and it reminds us of your strength. Others have stepped in to fill the void you left, but nothing can ever replace you.
Fond memories.


Dear Mom:
I don't always say it but I really do love you you are a kool, young hearted mom I hope you have a great mothers day
Your favorite daughter

Shannon AKA your "Dolly"

Dear Mommy:

Dear Mom:
Thanks Mom for always being there. Thanks for keeping me straight. You deserve to have a great Mother's Day!!!
Lots of love,


Dear Mom:
Simply are the BEST!
Love you!


Dear Mama:
You are not just my mother but you are also my best friend. You have always been there for me through the good and bad times. I love you so much that sometimes it hurts.
I just hope that you know this and I also hope that you know that you are the best mother anyone could ever dream of having. I love you mama.


Dear Mommy and a Fun Friend!:
Mommy, I love so much. You have always been there for me - you have supported me through thick and thin. You even came to see all my plays even when they were bad! You were there for me. You are beautiful, sweet, thoughtful and creative. You always played with me, Wayne, and Michelle when we were kids. I remember Motown, your 'dirty dog' dancing, slumber parties, your salt and vingear potato chips, clear lip gloss in your purse, pearl drops, all the wonderful home-cooked meals, and always putting yourself last ... You are so special to me! Thank you for your love! Happy Mother's Day!
Molly, missing you in Ireland xxxooo

To My Precious Mommie:
Mom, It's just been 6 weeks since you left us. My heart aches for you every day. You had the kindest heart, the most giving and loving soul. I miss our nightly calls. I miss your presence in the old blue rocking chair. I miss the sweet scent of your perfume, the wonderful meals you prepared, but most of all the unconditional love you gave each and every day. I sometimes wonder how I will ever go on with out you. I feel so alone. Only you understood my pain, my fears and you soothed me with your loving and gentle words. You were such a wonderfule mom growning up. You went with out so that we could have school clothes. If there wasn't enough to eat, you would say you weren't hungry so we could eat. Each gift you gave to us on each holiday was thoughtfully and lovingly picked out. You scraped and saved your money so that you could make sure we would have a special keepsake from you each Christmas. How I'll treasure each and everyone of them for the rest of my life knowing your sacrifice in getting them for us. Your legs were so crippled and you were in so much pain, yet you would cook wonderfule meals for us and would keep your house so beautiful. Mom, you are my inspiration. I am so honored to have been so blessed to have had you as my momma, and I will miss you forever. I can't wait until the day, when I cross over and you are waiting their with your beautiful smile and loving arms. I miss you momma and I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always, forever and ever my mommie you'll be.
All my love and my heart sweet precious momma!

To my mom Mary Sorensen with much love, Lisa Lu (I love you)

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