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Kids Turn Holidays

Check out New Years 2003


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Happy New Years 2002!!!! You may not be able to attend some swanky New Year's Party - they are mostly for grownups - but you can still have lots of fun ringing in the New Year. Check out these many things to do online and off line this New Years - JUST for Kids!!

ny2.gif - 0.4 KVirtual First Night offers kids a chance to bring in the new year with online fun geared specifically for Kids. First Night is an annual event featuring the performing arts.

ny1.gif - 0.4 KWhy not bring in the New Year with this New Years Word Search - great way to pass the time waiting for the ball to drop!

ny2.gif - 0.4 KTheres lots to do and see for Kids on New Years at Billy Bears - games, puzzles, coloring and much more.

ny3.gif - 0.5 KBe ready to wish everyone a Happy New Year by learning how to say it in different languages!

ny3.gif - 0.5 KLearn the traditions and customs of New Years at this nice site form Wilstar.

ny2.gif - 0.4 KWhy not send someone an online New Years Greeting for 2002!

ny3.gif - 0.4 KCrafts and activities to have a Happy New Year can be found at the Family Crafts site!

ny1.gif - 0.4 KDrop by the Kids' Turn Chat Room and wish your friends a Happy New Year. Ring in the New Year in several time zones!

New Years Resolutionsny2.gif - 0.4 K
Do you have any New Years Resolutions - plans to improve or change how you do things in 2002?

My Resolution is......ny2.gif - 0.4 K

Post your resolution on the Kids' Turn Forum!! or, Submit your resolution via the form to be added. See what other kids have resolved to do!

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