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The Question:

Valentines Day - Fun or Not?
Do you participate in Valentine's Day? Do you give out cards? or, do you think Valentine's Day is no fun at all! Explain why.

Kids'perts Say:

"Frankly I find the so called "holiday" is a farce which represents the human mind's obvious need for affection. The "love" propaganda does nothing but strew about a misconceived display of what true love is supposed to be. However rather then blather on in a language only perceptible to me about the injustice of Valentines Day I shall leave it at this." ."....Cheesy (16) Canada

"I don't really participate in Valentines day, but I don't have a problem with it. I just don't have that "special someone" in my life yet, and it seems to me, that's what people think Valentines day is." "....FBG (13) USA

"Yes I participate in Valentines Day it is just so romantic isn't it?"....Ashlie

"I don't dislike Valentines Day I just don't do that much on that day besides maybe hang out with my g/f."....Sean (13)

"Valentines day.. Hmm I don't think I even realized it was here. It is not a holiday i enjoy.. For reasons of my social status I haven't received a Valentine since the grades where they were mandated. It isn't something I really care about. This is a holiday for the happy people. The people who have people to love and those who love them back. I haven't fit into either group, Ever. So this is a great holiday for the people with someone. For me? I'll just wait it out. Its only 24 hours after all."....Grizz, (14) USA

"Well I think Valentine's Day is both fun and not. I like giving out cards....and GETTING CANDY! One way it's not fun is that, I know of guys who like me...but they never say anything. Well I guess when I'm older..that will happen! I think, guess, I can wait! It's fun though because I got presents from Mom and Dad..and my neighbor! But, before I go, here's a joke...Valentine's Day..a.k.a. Vomit Day!"...Ashley (10), USA

"I used to give out cards when i was a little kid, but now that I'm a teenager.....well it's kinda turned kid-ish (go figure) and I don't do it any more. Valentine's Day is a little fun still. It's fun to wonder if that cute guy you like will ask you to do something for Valentine's Day, even if you know he probably won't. On the other hand it's not fun when you think of the fact that you'll spend yet another Valentine's Day alone.....all that's why I prefer imagining ;)"....Calm, Canada

"I think Valentines DAy is too stressful. I feel pressured to get my boy a good gift when that's really not what it's about. It's about celebrating Love- but when you're so stressed out about what to get and where to get it and all that stuff it kind of ruins it. When I was still in school I gave out little valentine cards to all of my friends- even when I was in 12th grade. =)"....Rach (19), USA

"Valentine's Day. Hehehe. It makes me giggle. I LOVE it, because I can get all hopped up on conversation hearts and chocolate. I give out cards (this year I gave out Disney Princess ones) because it's a nice way to show appreciation to my friends. Having no boyfriend (sigh) on Valentine's Day doesn't bother me because you know what? A LOT of people don't have a significant other to spend V-day with. Personally, my *near/dear one* this V-day is...ME!!! I think that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else properly. Sorry...that was just me going off on my tangent. No more conversation hearts for me."....Sunny (14) Canada

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