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AC Tropical Fish
Resource and meeting place for tropical aquarium fish keepers. Comprehensive aquarium portal featuring information not only about Tropical freshwater fish but also about saltwater aquarium fish, invertebrates, corals and coldwater fish.

Aqua Fish
Tropical freshwater aquarium guide and database. Online since 2005.

Fish Friend
Good fish information on this beautiful site. Everything from "How to set up an Aquarium" to "Easy Water Changes". They have a cute mascot too!

Fish Lore
Designed for the beginner to the tropical fish keeping hobby. Information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy this wonderful stress reliever! Freshwater and saltwater beginner guides that will help you with your pet fish along the way.

Rate My Fishtank
Free photos of aquarist fish tanks around the world. Users can also rate tank photos, to help identify the best visual ideas for an aquarium. Useful articles for fish tank set-up and maintenance are also provided.

Pet Fish
Fish and plant guides, beginners and starter articles and lots more.

First Tank Guide
Excellent resources for setting up your very first aquarium.

Aquarium Hobbyist
A good site with lots of information and forums for the aquarium hobbyist.

Beginners Aquarium Fish Guide
Very good starter page for the beginner.

Freshwater Aquariums site features articles, forums and aquarium chats. Site has pop up advertising.

How to look after your Koi Carp
Learn how to raise and care for Koi in your pond.

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