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Sled Dog Racing - Mushing Terms

Contrary to common belief, the word "mush" is not used to get sled dogs to go. Mush comes from the French word "marche", from the verb "marcher" which means to walk.

It is possible the French used this during gold rush days.

The word "mush" is felt to be too "soft" a sound to be used as a command.

Here are some of the common commands used in mushing:

  • Hike: Gets the dogs moving
  • Gee: Turn right
  • Haw: Turn left
  • Come Gee! Come Haw!: 180 degree turn in either direction
  • Easy: Slow down
  • Whoa!: Halt or stop the dogs
  • Line Out: Tells lead dog to get all dogs in line, straight in front of sled
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Go dogs!

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