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My First Picture Book of Boating Words My First Picture Book of Boating Words
by Nicholas, J. Agro

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Little Harbor Publishing
ISBN: 0980151201
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Little Harbor Publishing announces itís book: "My First Picture Book of Boating Words" by Nicholas Agro. My First Picture Book of Boating Words is a unique boating book for young children. Each page contains vibrant color photos of boating items along with the name of each item below it.

Some of the photos in this 24 page book include: powerboat, sailboat, dinghy, life jacket, lighthouse, seagull, marina, harbor, anchor etc. It covers powerboats and sailboats as well as fishing and other water related items.

The book was created by a boater and is designed for both boaters and non boaters who enjoy the beauty of the water.

Author Nicholas Agro is an avid boater who has been boating for 17 years. He enjoys both powerboating and sailing on the waters around Long Island, NY. The idea for the book came while he was reading picture books to his young son. He looked for a picture book of boating words but could not find one. So he decided to create his own. In the process, he also created Little Harbor Publishing. In the future, Little Harbor Publishing will publish more books of interest to boaters.

Many of the words featured in the book are specific to boating such as helm, fender, boathook, port, starboard, bow, stern, mast, boom etc. The focus of the book is on teaching children a true boating vocabulary. It worked with the author's son. "Before he could speak, my son knew the words in this book and could point to the correct pictures when asked. And when he first started speaking, he already had a boating vocabulary!"

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About Little Harbor Publishing
Little Harbor Publishing is located at 1000 Main Street in Port Jefferson, NY 11777. My First Picture Book of Boating Words is itís first title. More titles of interest to boaters will be published in the future. Additional information is available on their website