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Kids Turn Books


Toot and Puddles Toot & Puddle : I'll Be Home for...
Toot goes to a family reunion in Scotland, promising Puddle that he'll be back in Woodcock Pocket in time for Christmas. But a huge snowstorm strands him far away from home on Christmas Eve! As Puddle waits anxiously for his friend, another holiday traveler helps Toot find his way to Woodcock Pocket, just in time.

Jolly Christmas Postman The Jolly Christmas Postman
The Jolly Christmas Postman returns with a pouch overflowing with holiday cheer letters from the Big Bad Wolf, a miniature book, a terrific board game, even a Humpty Dumpty jigsaw puzzle, and more, all tucked into envelopes bound right into the book.

When the Moon is Full When the Moon Is Full : A Lunar Year
llustrated in full color by Mary Azarian - This lunar guide describes the folkloric names of twelve moons according to Native American tradition and showcases their defining characteristics in short verse and beautifully detailed hand-colored woodcuts. A question-and-answer section includes information about the moon's surface, and explanation of a lunar eclipse, and the true meaning of a blue moon.

Book jacket covers with permission from Time Warner Trade Publishing

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