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Copyright: It's the Law:

The last thing you need is to end up in court because you used clipart or graphics without asking.

It is illegal to take graphics and images off other web pages without permission unless the site clearly states you are allowed to do so.

If you choose to use graphics from another web page ALWAYS read any information the site offers on how you are allowed to use the graphics. Some sites want credit for their work. Some sites do not allow you to alter the image in any way. Before you use any clipart online make sure you are doing it right. Even kids can get in trouble for 'stealing' graphics, images and clipart and using for their own web pages.

Looking for free clipart to use? Clipart Mountain site has hundreds and hundreds of resources of places to find exactly what you are looking for plus information and guides on how to use them. Be sure though to read all rules, regulations and copyright information on all image and graphic sites you visit.

If you create your own graphics you can use the following tag on your web pages to clearly state they are your images: Graphics (C) Yourname, 2002
This indicates you are the original creator of all graphics on the page. Indicate on your web page the terms of use of your graphics.

If you use graphics from other sources be sure to credit the graphics if required.

More about Copyright Law and Issues. Also, learn about Bandwidth Theft.

Steps to Easy Graphic Making:

Special thanks to Sue Chastain About Graphics Software Guide, HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin, and Clipart Mountain for their excellent resources.

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