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Hot Dogs
are Cool Dogs!

July is National Hot Dog Month and you can celebrate real easy.....EAT a Hot Dog! Or you can visit the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council homepage and find out the events and activities going on.

But first...........
You have probably heard some pretty yucky stories about what is IN a hot dog.....left over parts of various meat like pork, beef or chicken - but you can get the truth here.

For the complete history and a fun quiz to test your hot dog knowledge click on the highlighted words.

Or why not take a Virtual Tour of how hot dogs are made....pretty neat stuff!

  • During Hot Dog Season, Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs or 818 hot dogs consumed every second during that period.
  • New Yorkers consume more hot dogs than any other city, beating out Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • During the Fourth of July Weekend, Americans enjoy 150 million hot dogs!
  • That is a LOT of Hot Dogs!!

    These and more Hot Dog Vital Statistics can be found at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council homepage.

    World Champ!!

    A California man smashed the world record for hot dog eating at a contest, gobbling up more than 59 franks in 12 minutes. Joey Chestnut, 22, of San Jose, shattered the record held by Takeru Kobayashi of Japan by downing 59 "HBDs" hot dogs and buns during the Southwest Regional Hot Dog Eating Championship at the Arizona Mills Mall in suburban Tempe.

    More Cool .......Hot Dog Sites.......

    Take Me Out to the Ball Game Video Contest
    The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council is petitioning the U.S. Copyright Office to permit the inclusion of a reference to hot dogs in "Take Me out to the Ball Game" (1908) is the third most sung song in America. But the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council needs YOU America to help revise the song for a new century. Submit your new version and you could win valuable prizes and be featured in a new video. Ends June 6, 2009.

    Wiener Games!
    Oscar Mayer website features lots of hotdog games!.

    World's Longest Hotdog!
    Check out this big wiener at the Columbus, Ohio, Hot Dog Festival.

    Hot Dog Festival
    Join the fun at this annual festival in Frankfort, Indiana - the last Saturday in July - complete schedule online.

    History and Legends of the Hot Dog
    Timeline and interesting facts about the Hot Dog.

    Check out Octodog

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