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Kids Turn Food Fun

Lunch bag

Don't get bored with lunch! If you are tired of the same old, same old in your lunch pail check out the suggestions and helpful links below to spice up your school lunch:

Pack a pickle!

In a sealed container - pack your favorite pickles to zest up lunch - dills, butter, sweet, olives - whatever you like carries well in a sealed container!

Learn about the history of pickles!

Bag a Banana

Ok, you are saying.....but they turn all brown!! The trick here is NOT to put your banana in the refrigerator - toss the banana in the bag before you head out and your fruit will not turn brown. The greener the banana the longer it will last!


  • Bop to the sounds of the Chiquita Banana

  • Eat an Apple

    Red, Green Yellow - you decide....there are dozens of apple varieties to choose from - and they help brush your teeth too!


  • Can you drink an apple?

  • Jive with Juice

    Keep juice boxes in the freezer - then in the morning toss in your lunch pail - by lunch time you will have an ice cold drink!

  • What is Fruit Juice?

  • Versatile Vegies

    Vegies make great snacks in your lunch - carrot or celery sticks, a salad or firm cherry tomatoes mmmm!!

  • Color the Veggies

  • Bring some Brownies!

    Every lunch should contain at least one sinful, delicious treat! A homemade batch of brownies wrapped individually will last you a week!

  • Make your own Brownies


    Does your favorite Sandwich stand on top? Is it strange, unique or different? See what other kinds of sandwiches kids like and Share Your Favorite Sandwich.

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