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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 19

Poems written and submitted by kids (and kids at heart) like you!


A waterfall is very tall!!
Water splashes everywhere
Over there and there
It crashes to the ground
But it doesnít go round and round
It is a really bit water slide
And a really fast ride

Katrina (3rd Grade)


In the winter it is cold
Its so whit
It thinks itís bold.
It is chilly and there ainít anything silly
I play with snow
Itís cold, so after we drink hot coca.
In the winter itís so cold
I have say burrrr!!
I pack myself with hats, mittens,
Scarves too
You can catch a cold and say Achoo!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Winter 2

The snow is falling,
Winter is here
It's time for us to cheer.

The kids play in the snow all day And they shout ďHipp Hipp horray!!Ē

The sun is hardly ever out
The moon is always there
All the trees are snowy bare
And frost is in the air.

Santa will come and Santa will to
In the frost and in the snow.
New Years will stay for the rest of the day
Hipp Hipp Horray!!!

Spring, Summer, Fall
They are all good
But not as much as winter
Like they should.

Winter is here
So lets all cheer!!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Summer, summer
When itís over itís a bummer
It is fun playing in the sun
It is cool
And there isnít any school
Doesnít it rule?
We can go to the pool
The flowers will grow
And the beauty will show
Trees, trees!
Their branches shake in the breeze.
April showers bring May flowers!!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Colorful leaves fall to the ground
They just keep falling down and down
School has begun
But no more fun
We canít go to the pool
Because it is too cool.
I see colorful leaves
That are red, yellow, brown
And those colorful leaves are all over town.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Cell Phone

I call people on my phone
Any of my friends in any tone
The color of it is blue.
And everybody likes it too.
Everybody thinks I am too small get one
But my babyish days are done.
I have music games
And every one has special names.

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Do not sneak in a scary snakeís cage.
Do not swim with creepy crocodiles.
Do not try to beata cheeta on your feeta for about 100 miles.
Most importantly, do not ever give
Tea to a chimpanzee.

Do not scare a sensitive snake.
Do not tease chimpanzees.
Do not wake up a lion in its zís.
Most importantly donít ever disturb a lion
While in partyís

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Rules 2

Do not put pink paint on parathions picture
Do not take a tigers plasma TV
Do not shake a big shark
Do not lick a lazy lionís lunch
And most importantly
Donít ever let a lizard lick your legs.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

My Grandpa Got a New House

My grandma got a brand new house
Her other house was old
And the new house feels like
A palace with its gold.
My grandma got a brand new life
And so do I right now
Now all I have to say about it
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!
The new house was white
And there was room
To fly my new kite.
When my friends saw it,
All they have to say,
Was they went inside
and started yelling
Hip hip HURRAY!!
I really like the old house best
I think the new house bad
But now that I had thought about it
I am really glad

Katrina (3rd Grade)


It is wet
And is as small as a gem
It is clear
And when it falls, it is the end.

A new one will form
It is so shiny
And when it falls on my hand
It feels so tiny.

It is so great
It is a raindrop
And when it falls
It makes the sound plop!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


It is so bright
Itís a firefly
And when it flies really high
It gives light to the sky.

It will walk me home
When it is dark.
It will also walk me
When itís dark in the park.

Itís as bright as the sun
Playing with it fun
The fun never has to end
For he, was my only best friend.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

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