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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 2

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

The Effort
I hear you tell me nothing can be done,
That I should give up, and not waste my time,
To see that my achievements won't be won
Despite any effort put forth of mine.

But I can see the truth, and I know better,
And to have what I want, and to succeed,
That I must see the world and know its weather,
And speak the life it holds beneath the weeds.

But I still hear you tell me, back inside,
That my hopes and dreams will only be lost.
That I cannot do it, so why bother try?
Effort put forth will be more then the cost.

And I yell back, ‘No! I know you are wrong!
If effort is great, the journey’s not long.

Calm (15), Canada

Beneath the Crosses
In Flanders fields the cold winds blow
And on the grounds the poppies grow
But why must all the people go
Beneath the crosses, row on row?
Some may think that the wars are past, but they are not
For many people still are bombed, killed, and fought
A child cries within the night
Another missile comes in sight

Yet we remember only the soldiers who died
Not the men, women, and children who had cried
Some believe that its just the troops that need our care
No, its the people effected everywhere

Remember the past, and change the present
End the pain and make things pleasant
Bring the soldiers home from afar
And make peace and end the war

Glitterbuggy, Canada

Sing to Me
Oh I love the way you sing to me
It's such a beautiful thing
I can hold it in my arms
Squeeze it and hold it tight
I'd just love to touch it
And make it better

Jeni (21), USA

Miss You
I miss you
I miss talking to you
I miss holding you
I miss how you always made me smile
I miss the way you always made me laugh
But now I'm lonely
Because your never there anymore
Like you promised
That is why I miss you

Fuzzy (16), USA

I Love You
I was deaf
I was scared
I was ready to cry
I thought I was hopeless
I thought I was ugly
Then you found me and
I could see
I could hear
I was brave
I was happy and smiling
I was blessed and I know I always will be
I knew I was pretty
You showed me that my life is wonderful and how much I mean to you.
I'm grateful- you were my 1st kiss - you were the 1st person I told I loved.
You're the only true love for me and you mean the world to me.

Fluteangel, USA

They all write about flowers
And the cold moonlight
And the soft, silent hours
Of a dark, dead night.
And that?s fine
But what I make mine
Are cockroach wings
And mud under feet
And the long, low things
No one else likes to meet
They write poems about doves
And peace and war
And immortal loves
Until there?s nothing more
And that's fine
But what I make mine
Are yellow skies
And tarnished chrome
All the dirty things
That no one takes home
They all write about beauty
And leave the rest alone
All that was beauty
Gnawed down to the bone
These are the things
I make my own.

Harlequin (16), USA

People look at a punk
With his blue, spiked hair,
Pierced ears, eyebrow, tongue
Baggy shirt, with the logo
For some rock band with
Obscene lyrics that any parent
Who really cared about their kid
Would never approve of
Pants, three sizes too big
That hang off his waist
Sneakers, dirty and falling apart
He doesn't really fit in
He doesn't really try
'Cause he doesn't really care
They say, when they see him,
"They'd better watch that one
He's the kind of kid you expect
To see on the news being led away
By police, because he shot a teacher and five classmates,

People look at a 'normal' kid
With his perfect blonde hair
And his perfect blue eyes
Fifty dollar shirt
Seventy dollar pants
Hundred and ten dollar shoes
They say, when they see him,
"Now, he's a good boy
Good grades, good parents, perfect life
Gonna be a doctor when he grows up
Gonna amount to something,"
When in reality, cold unforgiving reality,
He's going to wind up
A teen father, drug addict
High school dropout
Killed in a car accident
When he was eighteen
Because he got in a car
With a drunk driver
Y'know why?
'Cause he fit in
'Cause he tried
'Cause he cared
'Cause he cared what others
Thought of him
He was willing to go
As far as they wanted
Just to fit in
And he finally did
Look what it got him
A body bag and a funeral service.

Three years later
That punk with the blue hair
Is finishing his second year in college
He's got friends
Parents that care about him
The perfect life
Guess what
He's gonna be a doctor
He's gonna amount to something


There are very few people that make me feel this way
That can keep me wishing
Every single day

I cherish the rare moments
That we are able to spend together
And though those moments last only a short time
They feel as though they last forever

When life seems to be washing down the drain
One smile from you takes away all the pain
And though I've never told you so
You're beautiful, from head to toe

The shyness that envelops my soul
Prevents me from achieving that goal
Of letting you know my true, deep feeling
That fills me like a house from floor to ceiling

I wish that it were a simple task
To come right out and remove this mask
For now though, these feelings will have to wait
I just hope, it won't be too late

Niko, USA

Oblivion wraps around me
In a sweet embrace
Darkness everflowing
Ending the day's long race

Birds fly on forever
Into the sunset fair
But here no light reaches me
and the landscape is so bare

Cheesy (17), Canada

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