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Kids Turn Online Babysitting Course

Getting Started Babysitting

Babysitters are angels If you've always wanted to get a job babysitting this site is for you. offers a certified babysitting program online.

The class is a complete course in babysitting, like the one you'd find at your local community center. One difference however is, during business hours, they offer "Live Help" to answer any questions you have about the class and the course material for a period of one year after registration.

The course material is online 24/7, so you can fit the class around your schedule. You can leave and come back, start and stop or review what you've learned whenever you like.

From the time you register, you have a whole year to access the site. That yearlong pass is like having a book that updates itself all the time with the very latest safety info. There's also class notes for you to download at the end of each section so you can make and take your own "babysitting book" of suggestions out on jobs.

The safety, security and business problems sitters face today change constantly. Online materials are frequently updated.

There are six classes in the program. Each take about an hour long.

  • Planning Prevents Problems
  • Safety and Security
  • Activities: Playtime you can Manage!
  • Child Care and Discipline
  • Babysitting as a Business: Getting, Keeping, Creating Jobs
  • Beyond Babysitting: Mother's Helper, Party Helper
After you've finished all six classes, you have one year from registration to review each topic and take the test as many times as you need to pass.

After you've taken the test and passed it, you are sent your personalized Babysitter's Certificate and Business Kit.

Cost of the program is $17.50 US. Includes a year's pass, personalized certificate, wallet card, and Business Kit with forms and flyers, and Babysitter's Encyclopedia.

An online class cannot cover hands-on topics such as emergency first aid and CPR. It is recommended that students continue their education by supplementing this course with a Basic First Aid and pediatric CPR class.

The "Babysitting Certificate of Completion and Wallet Card" recognizes a student's commitment to gain the knowledge and skills needed to handle the challenges of babysitting. It is not a degree or license or accreditation.

As with all online registrations - parents permission is required. is a program provider for the Girl Scouts,and the Cities of Oceanside and Vista, in California. That means their certificate program has been approved by their program departments, reviewed by nurses, EMTs, and public safety educators.

Their class also meets the education requirements for some states for Child Care workers. You can find out the requirements for Day Care and Child Care workers in each state here.

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