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Death and Dying

This is probably a topic you don't like to think about until you are faced with a situation that you have to.

However, many kids do face the loss of a loved one at a young age. It could be a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or even a close friend. Whoever it is, if it is someone you loved or were close to, you will go through a very emotional time.

You may be faced with feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, frustration, confusion or a wide range of other emotions. What you need to know is, you are not alone and it is perfectly normal for everyone to grieve when faced with loss - even kids.

Your grief is an expression of your loss. Mourning this loss is normal and appropriate.

How you express your grief varies from person to person. Some people cry. Some people get quiet and don't say anything. Others may get angry. You may even laugh or tell jokes. None of these are inappropriate. They all can be expressions of grief.

Little is done to prepare you to understand death, therefore it often comes to you as a surprise that you are not ready for. It is not talked about in school, and few families discuss it openly. Often you learn about death on television, movies and in books. The perception, or concept you have of death through these means may be somewhat distorted.

When faced with the reality of death you may have many questions or need support. The first place to turn is your parents. If they are going through the same loss, they may understand how you are feeling. Do not be afraid to talk to your parents or to ask questions. You may also turn to other family members you are close to for help. Best friends are also a good place to turn to for someone to talk to and comfort you at this time.

If religion is a part of your life your church or place of worship may offer services, especially for children, that can help you through this difficult time. Some schools may also offer services for children going through grief and the loss of loved ones.

You local library may have books on this topic as well. There are many books today written especially for children to help you understand the way you are feeling.

Finally, the Internet has many online resources about death and dying. While most are written for adults there are some specifically for kids. Raindrops is an online slide presentation about death that may help answer some of your questions.

Remember, you are not alone and your feelings are real, it is ok to talk about it.

You are welcome to read My Personal Story about my experiences with death.

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