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Meet A Magician - Bryan Dean

Kids' Exchange Chat
Chat Transcript

Saturday March 20, 1999

It's Magic - Bryan Dean - Professional Magician

Log started at Sat Mar 20 15:56:18 PST 1999
Chat log begins when Magician Bryan Dean enters the room (some editing was done)

...........................BryanDean joined............. :)

BryanDean: Poof!
BryanDean: Hello, everyone!
Slim_Shady: Are you the magician
Bee: Hello BryanDean. We are pleased to have you here! I am Bee.
BryanDean: Yep!
JrMountainMan64: Hello ladies and gentlemen Bryan Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slim_Shady: Awesome!
BryanDean: Hello, Bee.
brunette: Hi Bryan Dean
kidexchangeADM: oh sorry Bryan didnít hear you come in!!
BryanDean: Looks like a good group here tonight.
Slim_Shady: Hi Bryan Dean
BryanDean: I snuck in the back.
BryanDean: Hi, Wendy.
JrMountainMan64: ~everybody in crowd starts rushing to get signature~
kidexchangeADM: ok LISTEN UP gang..........I'd like you too meet BryanDean our guest for tonight
gurgi: he is here!!!!!!!! yes
gurgi: hi dood
kidexchangeADM: may I call you Bryan? Bryan?
ScrappyHOST: Hi
BryanDean: Thank you... thank you... thank you.
BryanDean: Yes.
Bee: or BD?
Slim_Shady: Kewl
Slim_Shady: awesome
Bee: or mister Dean
BryanDean: Bryan is fine.
Slim_Shady: HI BRYAN!
brunette: Hi Bryan
Bee: Hello, Bryan
BryanDean: Hello.
kidexchangeADM: ok so Bryan might as well get this started.........everyone meet Bryan....Bryan this is everyone :) (others will be popping in)
RonHOST: evening Bryan
brunette: pleased to meet you
ScrappyHOST: <-----is about to do a magic trick
BryanDean: So, does anyone do magic here? Or has anyone tried to do any magic?
JrMountainMan64: Hello Bryan.
Calm_person: yes
Slim_Shady: I've tried
kidexchangeADM: Bryan how bout we start by you telling the kids a little about yourself - what you do?
JrMountainMan64: I did
BryanDean: Good idea.
Calm_person: Iíve done magic on this Internet!
Bee: I have TRIED, the key word being TRIED
Slim_Shady: but can I put it appropriately?
gurgi: show us what you are made of Bryan
brunette: Thanks Wendy
JrMountainMan64: Thanks Wendy
BryanDean: I'm a professional magician from the Philadelphia area.
Calm_person: tadaaaaaaaaa!
brunette: Bryan how old are you?
BryanDean: Hold on...
ScrappyHOST: Hey Bryan, Can you make all my teachers disappear?
Slim_Shady: ļ_ļ a frog!!!!! Magic!
Calm_person: lol
BryanDean: There are quite a few types of shows that I do... I just did a kid's birthday party this morning.
brunette: lol
Slim_Shady: kewl
JrMountainMan64: Cool
Bee: cool @ Bryan
Calm_person: cool
brunette: cool
BryanDean: And... Iíve been doing this for about 25 years.
Bee: Do you like working with little kids?
kidexchangeADM: oh neat Bryan....what type of magic did you perform?
BryanDean: Any questions?
Bee: WOAH!
Slim_Shady: wow, how old are you?
Calm_person: can you do magic right now?
BryanDean: At the show today, mostly very funny "kids' magic"!
BryanDean: Little kids are fun to do magic for, Bee.
kidexchangeADM: can you kind of give us an example just explain what you did Bryan?
JrMountainMan64: Do you know any magicians like Copperfield or burton?
brunette: have you been on TV before?
Slim_Shady: Can you make the tractor thang disappear with mirrors????
Calm_person: do you know the masked magician?
BryanDean: Well... one of my first tricks is to make a Coke Bottle (full) disappear!
snowflake87: hi Bryan
BryanDean: And, of course, it works... eventually.
J007: That's easy!
snowflake87: yeah how???
kidexchangeADM: oh wow Bryan ummmm do you drink it?? I only drink Pepsi here!!
Calm_person: DRINK IT!
Slim_Shady: What age groups do you like working with the best?
JrMountainMan64: So you just drank out of the bottle?
BryanDean: No, I don't drink it... it actually disappears!!! I have to buy a new one every time I do it!
J007: COOL!
snowflake87: dude, how does it disappear?
kidexchangeADM: lol ok Bryan...ok I think someone asked WHAT age kids you like to perform for....
BryanDean: Hello, Azura!
ANSWER_MY_QUESTION: what age level do you like working with the best?
BryanDean: OK... wait...
kidexchangeADM: OK EVERYONE PLEASE let Bryan answer one at a time
J007: He sucks it up his sleeve.
BryanDean: I perform for kids 4 to 10. The older ones are the hardest to perform for.
kidexchangeADM: why is that Bryan?
brunette: yeah because they know all the tricks
JrMountainMan64: They can probably figure it out
snowflake87: yeah, probably because they think its all fake and they arent as interested in wondering
Slim_Shady: What age level do you like working with the best?????????????????????????
BryanDean: It's because they think they know how the magic is done... but of course, they don't. Unfortunately, they don't give it a chance.
kidexchangeADM: he said kids 4-10 Slim ya missed it
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan did you start out at b-dat parties and that kinda stuff?
Azura_is_Magical: dat-day
Slim_Shady: I can do that quarter in the ear trick
BryanDean: Yes, Azura... and now I perform for businesses, too and larger parties.
JrMountainMan64: So can I
Azura_is_Magical: cool
snowflake87: do u do birthday parties?
brunette: Do you like your job?
kidexchangeADM: BRYAN how can you suggest kids how like magic get started???
Slim_Shady: I can do card trix too
BryanDean: The quarter in the ear trick is good... if they have clean ears!! ;-)
JrMountainMan64: I can make a salt shaker disappear
Slim_Shady: LoL
BryanDean: Yes.. hold one, everyone...
Azura_is_Magical: do you approve of what the masked magician did?
BryanDean: Hold on, that is...
teddybear: I can do the decipara trick
Bee: me too!!!!
Slim_Shady: I can make food disappear
snowflake87: I can make water disappear ( I drink it hehe)
Bee: I saw it on Disney
kidexchangeADM: OK EVERYONE PLEASE NO MORE QUESTIONS....til Bryan catches up!!!!!!!
JrMountainMan64: So did I
BryanDean: The BEST way to get started in magic is to read books about it... the local library will have some.
brunette: Bryan do you like your job?I can make a papercup float IN AIR?
Calm_person: cool
JrMountainMan64: Cool
BryanDean: Hi, Alex.
kidexchangeADM: or visit Bryans own website at
brunette: u stick your thumb in it and move your hands
brunette: Bryan do you like your job?
Slim_Shady: I CAN TAKE OFF MY THUMB!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT MAGIC???????
BryanDean: Yes, Slim, it's magic.
Slim_Shady: awesome
BryanDean: OK... Wendy... what was the question?
Slim_Shady: my dad taught me'
kidexchangeADM: Bryan.....what are your favourite tricks or illusions to perform?
brunette: Hey Bryan do you like your job?
ScrappyHOST: <---------just saw Bryan's pic
ScrappyHOST: hehehehehe
BryanDean: OK... First, yes I love doing magic...
Slim_Shady: Bryan do you like your job
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan did you approve of the masked magician revealing all the magic secrets?????
JrMountainMan64: Valitino, it was funny.
brunette: Do you have any other hobbies?
BryanDean: Second, no, the Masked Magician isn't my favourite person -- I have some articles about him at Magic & Illusion
BryanDean: Third...
Slim_Shady: Bryan do you have a website???
Azura_is_Magical: yes he does
BryanDean: My favourite tricks are the ones in the spectator's hands... like card tricks or tricks with money, etc.
kidexchangeADM: Magic and Illusion is Bryans site - HIT SURF if you like
BryanDean: Slim... hit surf to get my website!
Azura_is_Magical: I like the magicians who get the audience involved
BryanDean: Disappearing?
kidexchangeADM: Bryan how many times a week do you do your shows?
brunette: I like when people get in the box and they slice them in half but they are fine BryanDean: Azura... that's what I try to do. I also mix a lot of funny stuff in it, too!
brunette: But my favourite trick is with the animals
brunette: I like animals
Slim_Shady: I love animals
BryanDean: I might perform 4 to 6 times a week.
BryanDean: That's a lot of shows.
Azura_is_Magical: cool I would really like to see your show sometime!!!
JrMountainMan64: I just went to his site....And I bookmarked it.
kidexchangeADM: oh ya Bryan loves funny - I emailed him this morning to remind him about chat and he said..."TONIGHT???" real funny Bryan!!!
brunette: Hey Bryan have you been on TV?
BryanDean: LOL, Wendy!
Salem: how do you no it is really him?
kidexchangeADM: lol Salem that is a good question!!
BryanDean: Well, I was in front of it today... yes, many times.
brunette: oh
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan have one of your acts ever been on tv and if not would you like them to be??
brunette: Hey Bryan is it really you?
brunette: Salem you just have to believe by the way they act
BryanDean: It's me, brunette... really.
Salem: ok
brunette: ok sorry if I offended you Bryan
BryanDean: I must say... you guys type REAL fast!
Azura_is_Magical: lol@Bryan
brunette: are you really Bryan's number1 fan?
BryansNumber1Fan It's slim_shady!
kidexchangeADM: Bryan how did YOU get started in Magic yourself?
BryansNumber1Fan I love magic
BryanDean: Thanks, slim
BryansNumber1Fan All magicians are awesome
Magic_isso_FAKE: Hi
Salem: it can't really be him!
brunette: So Brian do you do anything else, or do you do magic all day, everyday
Magic_isso_FAKE: Magic is SO FAKE!
BryansNumber1Fan no it's not
gurgi: no it I s n o t
BryansNumber1Fan it's illusians
kidexchangeADM: why do you think so Magic_isso?
BryanDean: ADM: I got started in 1974 in college... it was a great way to meet girls (really), and I thought doing magic was a lot of fun.
BryansNumber1Fan and it's awesome
kidexchangeADM: LOL oh well now there is a reason to learn magic!!
BryanDean: Magic is fake.... why?
Magic_isso_FAKE: It's cool but It's all an eye trick
brunette: Bryan do you do magic all day or do you have other hobbies?
ScrappyHOST: <----------raises hand "Mr. Dean?"
BryanDean: Actually, this computer business takes up more time than my magic does! *whew!*
yurtle54: magic is cool because it's fun. even if you know that it is just illusions
BryanDean: Yes, SCRAPPY...?
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan have your acts ever been on T.V. and if not would you like them to be???
ScrappyHOST: When do you go to your chat?
Salem: Bryan it can't really be you
brunette: its..... weird and confusing
brunette: why not Salem?
Magic_isso_FAKE: I mean I think its kiddy stuff
kidexchangeADM: hey Bryan do you have an "assistant"? if not - need one???
BryanDean: 1. It's really me. 2. They've been on TV many times. 3.. My chats are Tuesdays at 8:30 PM EST.
yurtle54: have you ever seen David Copperfield? that stuff is COOL
BryanDean: Sure, Wendy... I can saw you in half... but I forgot the second part of the trick. oops!
JrMountainMan64: Have you ever met Lance Burton?
Azura_is_Magical: cool Bryan what channels?
brunette: Do you like Siegfried and Roy???
Salem: so Bryan how come Iíve never heard of ya!
Calm_person: <-----raises hand
BryanDean: 1. Never met Lance, but I know he's a nice guy. 2. Sig. & Roy are GREAT.
JrMountainMan64: Cool
yurtle54: yeah Iíve seen them
BryanDean: Salem... well, you've heard of me now!
JrMountainMan64: lol
Calm_person: Bryan.......can you do a magic trick now?
Salem: have you ever met any famous people Bryan?
BryanDean: Well, it's hard to do a "chat" trick.
brunette: So Brian do you have like millions of fans chasing you around everywhere?
Alexcon: Bryan, did you here of pen and teller
kidexchangeADM: <-----can do lots of chat tricks LOL
RonHOST: <----shakes head at wendy
BryanDean: Alex, I used to be good friends with Penn & Teller. They used to live near me. Teller really does talk, you know!
kidexchangeADM: <-----ponders making everyone disappear
BryanDean:No millions of fans, but if you want to start a fan club... ;-)
kidexchangeADM: no way Bryan he talks!!!
BryanDean: Talks!!
. kidexchangeADM: sorry I may have missed it Bryan...but do you NEED an assistant?
BryanDean: Ummm... The Pendragons... ever hear of them?
Salem: nope
RonHOST: you missed it wendy
kidexchangeADM: lol brunette!!!
JrMountainMan64: I Have !!!!!!!!!!!!!
kidexchangeADM: oh drat Ron so what was the answer? should I buy a new outfit??
BryanDean: Sure, Wendy. How do ya look in a gown?
BryanDean: ;-)
brunette: what color?
kidexchangeADM: simply smashing Bryan!! and I like birds too does that help?
JrMountainMan64: I have seen them on a Magic Show called "Worlds Greatest Magic"
brunette: How about World's greatest records show? you seen that?
BryanDean: I used to use birds, but they are too delicate. No rabbits either anymore.
kidexchangeADM: <-----poses with hands out <---------ta dah--------> how is that?
BryanDean: EXCELLENT!!
Salem: are you going to be on tv any time soon?
BryanDean: You're hired!
brunette: do you use any animals?
JrMountainMan64: lol
RonHOST: <----shaking his head at Wendy hehehe
brunette: like white tigers?
kidexchangeADM: oh come on Ron!!! lol
BryanDean: No TV soon... No animals.
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan can you do a trick and pop into my house in the blink of an eye?
brunette: <---------claps for Wendy bravo! bravo!
BryanDean: I USED to pull a rabbit from my hat, now... it's just a hair!!
kidexchangeADM: any trips planned Bryan outside your current area?
Salem: have you ever been on tv,and when?
brunette: like to Illinois maybe?
BryanDean: Azura... what am I, a magician?
kidexchangeADM: stay in kids Chat Bryan you will have NO hair left!!
Azura_is_Magical: yup
BryanDean: HAY
BryanDean: HA!
RonHOST: <---agrees with Wendy LOL
Azura_is_Magical: lol
brunette: speaking of pay> Bryan do you get payed?
BryanDean: Yes, I get paid... of course!
brunette: how much?
BryanDean: Lolly, I'm typing like a demon here!
BryanDean: OK, Ron.... keep these kids in line... ;-)
BryanDean: kids, that is.
Calm_person: Bryan..I have a sort of dumb question. you think girls are the best assistants?
kidexchangeADM: Azura asked me this question in PC.....Bryan is from Philadelphia (right??) and performs there and all over the world (right??)
RonHOST: yeah right Bryan LOL
BryanDean: Girls are the BEST assistants! Why do you ask?
JrMountainMan64: Girls are the best period
Calm_person: just wanted to know
Alexcon: Bryan, do you think you will preform with Penn and teller on t.v?
LollyPop: I'm a girl
JrMountainMan64: hehehe
BryanDean: Poof!! (Lolly's still here... hmmm.. hold on... POOF!... oh, well...)
Calm_person: pssst-Iím a girl. could you use me?????
kidexchangeADM: psssst Bryan got into magic to meet girls....remember he said that earlier LOL
RonHOST: <-------tries on a gown!!!! how do I look?
brunette: Hey Bryan are you tired after your show?
Azura_is_Magical: lol
BryanDean: Yep!
kidexchangeADM: want me to make her disappear Bryan LOL
ScrappyHOST: LOL@Ron
Calm_person: yay!
brunette: lol@Ron
kidexchangeADM: <-----ROFLMBO at Ron cute dear!!
brunette: wonderful
BryanDean: Cute, Ron, but shave those legs, OK?
Calm_person: can we do a magic trick now?
Salem: lol
BryanDean: Go ahead!
brunette: hehehe
Calm_person: ok......
RonHOST: I like the euro look Bryan hehehe
LollyPop: OK Wendy but make me reappear
kidexchangeADM: lol Lolly I wouldn't do that to ya
BryanDean: Brunette... magic shows can be exhausting (not as much as this chat).
Calm_person: ok Iím going to do a magic trick!
brunette: hehehe
BryanDean: Eew.
Calm_person: everybody watch closely!
brunette: lol@ BryanDeans's joke
LollyPop: I have a trick
BryanDean: OK...
Calm_person: VERY closely or you won't see
BryanDean: OK, Calm.
Calm_person: ok here I go......
brunette: I'm as close as I can get
kidexchangeADM: Bryan what do you wear when you perform? anything special??
Calm_person: tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
BryanDean: WOW! That was amazing, Calm!! How'd ya do it?!?
Calm_person: there! how did I do?
JrMountainMan64: <----actually looked closely
BryanDean: Neat!!!
brunette: ya Wendy a dress!
LollyPop: ok I need a volunteer for this one
brunette: What did Calm do?
brunette: he just said tada!
Calm_person: well you see.....wait.....magicians never reveal their secrets! Wendy even said!
kidexchangeADM: lol brunette but what COLOR dress!!!
LollyPop: let's let um...... Ron be my volunteer for my magic trick
BryanDean: Did everyone read Wendy's article this week?
JrMountainMan64: <---is wearing a dress better change now....
SmileyHOST: Hi BryanDean
LollyPop: ok Ron I'm going to rearrange you
SmileyHOST: Jr your wearing a DRESS?
SmileyHOST: ~mouth drops open~
LollyPop: get in this box
JrMountainMan64: Hahahahahahaha
brunette: hehehe
BryanDean: You guys should read her articles... they're very good (and she puts a lot of work into them, too.)
Calm_person: is a she so I can wear a dress and not be embarassed!
kidexchangeADM: ok so Bryan do you have a snazzy performing outfit or did I miss that answer too??
LollyPop: Takes the box a part
LollyPop: and stacks boxes up differently
Azura_is_Magical: <-----------never wears a dress
Azura_is_Magical: eeewwwwww
BryanDean: I usually dress in (don't laugh) country-western attire.
LollyPop: his head is in the middle his legs on the top and his stomach on the bottom
BryanDean: attire.
LollyPop: ok, I';m going to arrange him back again
kidexchangeADM: wooohoooo Bryan a cowboy Magician I love it!!!
kidexchangeADM: do you make a horse disappear Bryan? LollyPop: ok abra cadabra
brunette: or a bad guy?
LollyPop: And here's Ron
BryanDean: Yes, unless it's a business affair, then I wear a suit.
Salem: Bryan where do you live .....state/country?
SmileyHOST: <---Makes her pizza disappear
Azura_is_Magical: I only wear pants that are flared or baggy and on occasion I wear an skirt
brunette: he lives in PA
BryanDean: No horses. Near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
kidexchangeADM: hmmm ok Bryan no cows then either
BryanDean: Cows...? That's a whole UDDER thing!
kidexchangeADM: <---groans at Bryan
BryanDean: Sorry... no I'm not.
RonHOST: <----shakes head at Bryan
SmileyHOST: lol
RonHOST: Bryan
BryanDean: Ya?
kidexchangeADM: HEY bout you give the young people some TIPS on performing??
BryanDean: OK... hold the posting for a while, OK?
Salem: Bryan whatcha look like
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan do you ever go in kids chats and say your a kid???
LollyPop: Yeah tell us how to escape from a can filled with water that's nailed shut and has strong locks
BryanDean: The best way to learn a few tricks is to get a book on magic. I wrote a nice article this week at MAGIC & ILLUSION about Bill Tarr's books...
ScrappyHOST: Go to Bryan's webpage to see his picture
JrMountainMan64: Houdini and Burton did that Lolly
kidexchangeADM: you can see a magic picture of Bryan and an interview I did with him here
BryanDean: Check it out and see if you can find his books in your local library.
kidexchangeADM: Bryans website is here
BryanDean: Did anyone ever get a magic set and can't make it work...?
kidexchangeADM: Bryan.....who is Bill Tarr?
LollyPop: I'm going to his website
BryanDean: Gotta read the article... he's a wonderful magic author/teacher.
JrMountainMan64: I did my set totally fell a part
LollyPop: yep, that happened to me too many times Bryan
ScrappyHOST: My dad wants to know how to make all his bills disapear
JrMountainMan64: hehehe
Salem: lol
RonHOST: ummmm pay them SD?
kidexchangeADM: Bryan you caught up answering questions?
BryanDean: Most kids get a magic set, but don't practice the tricks and just get discouraged.
Salem: Bryan when were you last on tv?
BryanDean: Well, the BEST way is to practice one trick at a time!
Salem: my brother is always getting cheap magic sets do u no of any good magic kits -from Chris her brother
LollyPop: I almost lost Ron there once I used him as my volunteer for that trick, just joking, hehehe. But I'm horrible at magic
brunette: but how do you know which one to start with?
brunette: there is sooooo many
kidexchangeADM: are there any particular tricks that are easier for young people to start out with or obstacles? or what do you think?
BryanDean: I am putting together some GREAT magic sets (eventually)... one's that kids can DO.
kidexchangeADM: great Bryan let me know when they are available and will let the chatters know!!
BryanDean: KIds can do rope tricks well.
BryanDean: OK.
brunette: hey Bryan how old are u?
BryanDean: Over 30. Way.
brunette: you don't have to answer that
brunette: hehehe
JrMountainMan64: I'll be your 355 customer!!!
BryanDean: Ok...?
Salem: come on don't hide it tell!!
JrMountainMan64: Because it will be so popular
brunette: I'll be your 356 customer after Jr.
Azura_is_Magical: kinda personal Brunette but hey Rons is a old man and he don't mind so it I guess it doesn't matter
kidexchangeADM: but he's like me brunette doesn't look his age!!
LollyPop: I'll be your first customer for that kit
brunette: hehehe
BryanDean: Me either.. .I look about 28.
LollyPop: or I might have to be your 357 customer
brunette: 357 lolly
BryanDean: Thanks, I think.
BryanDean: Are you 9?
kidexchangeADM: ok let's see Bryan since you are caught you read minds?
BryanDean: What will BabySpice be when she grows up?
babyspice_: hmmmmmmm?
BryanDean: I KNEW you were going to ask me that!!
brunette: Hey what si the addy for brians pic?
Azura_is_Magical: the newest spice girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LollyPop: Bryan how old were you once you started to be interested in doing magic?
kidexchangeADM: hey he DOES read minds!!!!!!
Salem: Wendy good question
BryanDean: I was 17.
Azura_is_Magical: lol
Azura_is_Magical: hehehehehe
babyspice_: Teacher
BryanDean: I was performing at all the Star Trek Conventions in the '70's.
BryanDean: Yikes!
kidexchangeADM: Magic and Illusion
babyspice_: Can u do a trick 4 us?
BryanDean: lol
kidexchangeADM: interview with Bryan
BryanDean: I used to know many of the Star Trek cast -- the ORIGINAL cast, that is.
kidexchangeADM: oh get out Bryan really?? A trekkie??
JrMountainMan64: <----forgot to take off pumps brb
BryanDean: Trekker. *ahem*
babyspice_: wow Bryan!
kidexchangeADM: LOL sorry Bryan not a "trekker"
luvbug: How long have u been doing magic Bryan?
BryanDean: Over 25 years, lb.
Azura_is_Magical: did you know the blind guy on the Tek and heís on reading rainbow?
BryanDean: Yes... does everyone ask you to "exchange" their kids?
babyspice_: Bryan how old are you?
BryanDean: I figured. It's a funny name.
Alexcon: Bryan do you read redwall books ?
BryanDean: Any other magic questions? (At what point did we lose control?)
kidexchangeADM: what are redwall books Alexcon?
kidexchangeADM: even better idea brunette!!
BryanDean: redwall?
kidexchangeADM: umm Bryan I rarely have control in here
babyspice_: BRYAN how old are you?
BryanDean: I see! LOL
BryanDean: Under 40
RonHOST: Control? what is that Bryan?
BryanDean: Ha!
kidexchangeADM: ANYONE have any more questions for BRYAN??
brunette: Bryan are u leaving?
BryanDean: Not yet... are you sick of me already?
Alexcon: There books my favourite author(Brian Jacques) writes. there about a animal world called redwall.
LollyPop: What trick did you first learn Bryan?
Azura_is_Magical: when you were a kid did you wanna be a magician?
kidexchangeADM: good one Lollly
LollyPop: no Bryan
JrMountainMan64: No We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!
brunette: no I was sad that u might be leaving now
babyspice_: How old are you? + how do u know all these tricks?@BRYAN!
Azura_is_Magical: no
BryanDean: My first trick was a color-changing stick. Available at magic shops -- called a "Paddle".
LollyPop: Cool
Salem: so Bryan how do you read minds??
LollyPop: u read minds Bryan?
BryanDean: Secret, Smiley. Sorry.
babyspice_: U READ MINDS?
BryanDean: Yes... I try to.
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan did you wanna be a magician when you were growing up??
brunette: high school when you found out that u could meet babes?
babyspice_: Bryan u read minds???????????????????????????????????
babyspice_: ?
kidexchangeADM: and you do card tricks too Bryan??
LollyPop: Wendy is thinking about how cool Bryan is and how wild we are
kidexchangeADM: lol Lolly this actually isn't that wild!!
ScrappyHOST: Wendy wants to know how to make her Trivia cards disapear
kidexchangeADM: LOL now that is a good question Scrappy!!!
SmileyFace: LOL Scrappers
Salem: Bryan this may be a dumb question but do you smoke?

---- ............................BryanDean left ............. :(
brunette: Wendy is thinking "Why did he come here?" "To see all of my wacko chatters?"
Alexcon: I can do some card tricks
brunette: where did he go?
kidexchangeADM: lol looks like the Magician disappeared!!!
Smileyface: : He disppeared!
kidexchangeADM: he must have got disconnected
brunette: why did he leave?
Smileyface: : LOL
brunette: heheheh
babyspice_: BRB
LollyPop: I'll make him reappear, abra cadabra
kidexchangeADM: I am sure it was an accident brunette he didn't do it on purpose
kidexchangeADM: PRESTO????
brunette: a disappearing trick!.... online
Salem: why did he leave????
ScrappyHOST: LOL@Wendy
Smileyface: : weird...
LollyPop: why'd he leave?
brunette: he got disconnected
kidexchangeADM: Maybe he was playing with the buttons - Ron showed him how!!!

----- ...........................BryanDean joined............. :)
Azura_is_Magical: Bryan did you always wanna be a magician even when you were a kid?
ScrappyHOST: WB Mr. Dean
kidexchangeADM: LOL good one Bryan!!!
BryanDean: Hey! Why happened?!?
LollyPop: Hey Bryan
Smileyface: : wb BryanDean
brunette: wb Bryan
babyspice_: WB Bryan
Azura_is_Magical: WB
BryanDean: Thanks... everything just stopped.
Azura_is_Magical: gimme a B
BryanDean: B
brunette: b
LollyPop: B
Azura_is_Magical: gimme an R
LollyPop: R
brunette: gimme a r
babyspice_: B
kidexchangeADM: that happens Bryan :(
brunette: r
Smileyface: : No biggie LollyPop
Salem: Bryan this may seem like a dumb question but do you smoke?
JrMountainMan64: Bryan
Azura_is_Magical: gimme an Y
babyspice_: mr.dean?
brunette: Salem!!!!!!!!
babyspice_: Y
Salem: Y
brunette: y
BryanDean: Well, everyone... I must go... It was a real blast here at the KidsExchange chat!
Azura_is_Magical: Gimme an A
brunette: A
ScrappyHOST: Bye Mr. Dean
brunette: bye Bryan Dean!
LollyPop: Bye Bryan
Azura_is_Magical: gimme a N
kidexchangeADM: Thanks sooooo much Bryan will talk to you soon!!!!
BryanDean: Thanks, Wendy, and thank you, everyone for coming!
babyspice_: how old are you?
brunette: pleasure meeting u
Salem: ok bye Bryan try to come back soon
LollyPop: It was awesome meeting you
JrMountainMan64: AHHHHH Bye Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!
brunette: he is over 30 babyspice
Smileyface: : Bye Bryan
brunette: bye
Salem: N
brunette: b
brunette: y
Azura_is_Magical: whatta that Spell???????????????????
brunette: e
JrMountainMan64: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LollyPop: Bye Bryan, hugs
babyspice_: THANKS MR DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
babyspice_: <-------hugs Mr.dean
kidexchangeADM: <---waves her wand and makes Bryan disappear!!!
Azura_is_Magical: BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JrMountainMan64: BRYAN!!!!!!!!
BryanDean: OK... feel free to pop in my site and email me with any questions, OK?
BryanDean: See ya!
brunette: Bryan!!!!!!!
JrMountainMan64: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
JrMountainMan64: Ok!!!!
brunette: BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!
LollyPop: Bye Bryan
Azura_is_Magical: Bye Bryan
brunette: ok Bryan
Azura_is_Magical: see ya when I become a magician
JrMountainMan64: lol
JrMountainMan64: not
BryanDean: You can leave a message on the Magic Boardstoo.
BryanDean: Bye!
............................BryanDean left ............. :(

This chat was orginally hosted in Kids' Exchange - the site is now known as Kids' Turn Central. Original interview can be found here.

Photo Copyright 1999 Bryan Dean used with permission, All Rights Reserved