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Kids Turn Hobbies/Education

Meet Jeremy McGee, President

Name: Jeremy McGee
Title: President of, Inc. and high school senior

The Chat

Jeremy McGee Guest Chat, Tuesday, September 12, 2000
Transcript has been edited for easier reading.

kidexchangeADM Welcome to Jeremy McGee our special Guest....
JeremyGUEST hello all...pleasure to be here...glad some folks showed up to chat :)
kidexchangeADM Jeremy is the President of
kidexchangeADM Jeremy also had his own computer services company at 14 and....
kidexchangeADM was building computers at 11
kidexchangeADM will get his rolling with if you have one type ? and Ron will queue you up
kidexchangeADM Jeremy would you like to say a few words first?
JeremyGUEST I'd like to thank the academy, my producers, and my I don't have anything important to say first :)
kidexchangeADM lol Jeremy
kidexchangeADM ok then I will ask first one.....
kidexchangeADM in many press releases I see you named as a "whizkid" how do you feel about that?
JeremyGUEST i suppose it's a bit of a doesn't bother me as long as people realize that computers aren't ALL I do
Jenn you like any sports or anything? LOL (off subject)
JeremyGUEST i do like some sports...played baseball and football for a long I barely have time to lose golf balls ...
kidexchangeADM ok Vision you can ask your question
Vision Do you think it is possible for others to become as accomplished as you? and did you ever have restrictions on your computer time? hehe
JeremyGUEST sure, it's more than possible for people to become like me...even more accomplished....
Vision <--- wishes she was a whizkid. [g]
kidexchangeADM any ideas on how kids can get started Jeremy?
JeremyGUEST restrictions on computer time..I don't think I ever had those. If I did, I probably would have broke the rules anyhow :)
JeremyGUEST well it all depends on what they are trying to get started in...
kidexchangeADM off top of head...web design
JeremyGUEST well, it's very important first that they LOVE what they do...that will make things much easier
JeremyGUEST as far as web design goes...getting your first job is the hard part...once you've landed a few deals, then you will have something to show your other clients
kidexchangeADM do you think doing 'free' pages for people is a way to start?
Vision am I allowed to input? LOL
kidexchangeADM sure Vision it's your question
JeremyGUEST good experience...but no one ever became rich off of "free" pages..haha...JK...I think it's a great way to showcase your talent
Vision Okay, well the thing is, how do you get those first jobs? Its nearly IMPOSSIBLE (been there, tried that)
Jazzy86 I think Kitty's talent is showcased on KPJ [cough]sugar...[/cough]
JeremyGUEST the first thing is to get the word out that your services are available...the media works well for this when you are young....
JeremyGUEST and having a CAN DO attitude rather than a couldn't is also CRUCIAL...some things take time...try raising VC funding at 17
kidexchangeADM on this line of question you think kids should know html if that is what they are doing...or what other coding methods? Is Flash the way of the future?
Jazzy86 what media did you use?
RonHOST hard to do at any age Jeremy
JeremyGUEST i defiantly see a place for FLASH in the future with broadband / DSL becoming increasingly popular
JeremyGUEST HTML should be around for some time though...
kidexchangeADM should kids know html or is there a place for wysiwyg programs?
Jazzy86 Jeremy, what media did you use to advertise, if any?
JeremyGUEST wysiwyg is okay...but hard core designers prefer straight HTML...I suggest learning HTML then go to WYSIWYG to save some time
Jazzy86 I learned HTML... tought Kitty... and now I have a WYSIWYG program cause its faster and I think its cool
JeremyGUEST w/ Twotoads we have targeted heavily all media forms that we feel our story will fit....Internet media is sometimes the easiest and most effective for reaching large audiences though
JeremyGUEST good plan jazzy :)
kidexchangeADM you are also reaching people you know are online rather then people who may or may not go online Jeremy so agree with you there
GayleHOST how do you time manage, school, homework, and still run a successful business AND have time for life in general?
Jazzy86 Bingo, perfect question :-) [crosses one off her list and adds another]
kidexchangeADM lol Jazzy JeremyGUEST carefully...i try to keep school a priority except during the off season..I also think spending time w/ friends and family is CRUCIAL to the success of any entrepreneur at ANY age
JeremyGUEST homework is sometimes a challenge to fit in...the key is learning how NOT to sleep
kidexchangeADM do you work at TwoToads every day Jeremy?
JeremyGUEST that includes during classes :)
JeremyGUEST yes, i would say I do...and every night for that matter
bobbo What do u do to relax Jeremy? hobbies, games, movies?
JeremyGUEST i enjoy losing golf balls, dating :) , and just hanging out w/ friends (in no particular order)
bobbo cool
kidexchangeADM how's your golf game?
JeremyGUEST i also enjoy what I do a great deal...which helps a BUNCH
JeremyGUEST let's just say I haven't played a great deal lately :)
kidexchangeADM lol Jeremy so Tiger has nothing to worry about!
Jazzy86 You play golf too? Man, you do everything plus more.
JeremyGUEST not unless he's starting a dot com
kidexchangeADM quick question from me....why the name TwoToads?
kidexchangeADM I love the graphics by the way
JeremyGUEST we wanted a name that sticks, one that kids would remember, one w/ characters that are fun, and a name that allowed us some domain name spaces
kidexchangeADM you've worked it well...Croak of the Day...Toadal News...very clever
JeremyGUEST I'd love to claim all those graphics..they are very good...many are done by ppl that draw for comic books
JeremyGUEST thanks :)
Jazzy86 What is your favorite song that you've ever played in band?
JeremyGUEST hmm, don't know that I have a favorite..i like all of the football game songs though like hang on sloopy and Mambo #5
Jazzy86 Mambo #5 must be fun to play :-)
RonHOST Two part question Who is your idol/mentor and what role do your parents play in all of this as in moral support?
kidexchangeADM good question Ron!! add....were they shocked by your success...or knew this would happen
RonHOST yeah that too hehehe
JeremyGUEST idol /mentor= don't know that I have one...Gates is cool cause he has lots of $$$...but it stops there....
JeremyGUEST parents have always been very supportive..thank goodness..they just kind of sit back and enjoy the ride
kidexchangeADM how did you get into this Jeremy...did your parents introduce you to computers?
JeremyGUEST they bought me my first one of course...I decided I liked them and kind of took things from there
kidexchangeADM what was your first one?
JeremyGUEST i think it was a Tandy 1000

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