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Kids Product Review:
Graphire Mouse, Pen and Tablet Set

Product: Graphics drawing hardware
Company: Wacom
Price: $99.95 US and up



If you love to draw, doodle or make your point with pictures the Graphire mouse, pen and tablet set is perfect for kids.

The set comes with a pressure sensitive graphics pen that allows you to hand draw pictures, add a note to your email, edit photos and more. It has a built in eraser feature that allows you to flip the pen and erase on the fly. It fits nicely in your hand and the programmable DuoSwitch let's you set functions right on the pen.

You get the three-button Graphire Mouse, that's cordless, and ball-free mouse means no cleaning. You can use it right on your tablet.

The Graphire tablet, where you do your drawing, is available in 6 snazzy colors, and comes with a removable pen stand and a transparent overlay for easy tracing.

You get all the software you need to run everything and it's extremely easy to install.

More on System Requirements

Why the Graphire?
I love to draw and create my own graphics, but, found it tedious to have to scan in my images every time I drew a new picture. I chose the Graphire to get started creating graphics right online because of the relatively low cost and everything comes with it. It's a great way to learn how to use a graphics tablet and pen without a huge expense.

Once you get the hang of using the pen and adjusting the settings you'll never draw on paper again. Instantly you can work in a graphics program and have your work right on your computer ready for editing. Since I got my Graphire set all of the graphics at Kids' Turn Central were created with it.

If you are a budding computer artist you'll enjoy the ease of use and convenience of this all-in-one package.

The kit also comes with Photoshop LE, Corel Painter Classic, ParaGraph PenOffice 2000 SE (PC Only), Sensiva (PC Only) Mac version downloadable, ActiveShare (PC Only) and Wacom PenTools. All of this software can be used to create some pretty amazing graphics.

Wacom also has more advanced graphics tablets with larger drawing surfaces but for the beginner the Graphire is the perfect way to start.

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