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Dedications to TOP Teachers

TEACHER:  Ms. Mitchell
SCHOOL:  Erieview Elementary School

I feel Ms. Mitchell is special because: She is very creative. Very funny , She takes her class through many adventures in every subject.
She taught me that whatever I do in school or any where in my life to just do my best and I will always succeed.
She taught me to make every thing I do a learning experience. Ms. Mitchell is truly the best teacher .
Second grade was the best ever.I could write a book about my year in second grade. I learned so much. And I loved going to school everyday. Some times I even stayed after school to spend some time with my favorite teacher.
I am in third grade now. And I even go to another school. But I think about Ms. Mitchell everyday and wish I could go back to second grade.
Thank you Ms. Mitchell for a great year and some super second grade memories.
A Student

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