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Topsy Turtle by Hasbro Games Top 12 Toys for Christmas

There’s something for the big kids amongst us within the Games group this year as old favourites such as Rubiks 360 (Drummond Park), Monopoly City (Hasbro) and Jenga (Hasbro) are updated with a modern twist.

Energetic games which are ideal for families the whole year round include New Bop It, Gator Golf and Pictureka Flipper (all Hasbro). There are more challenging games for the brain-boxes amongst us with the LOGO Game (Drummond Park) LEGO Games Ramses Pyramid (Lego) and Peppa Pig Tumble and Spin (Jumbo). Little hands will also be kept busy with the Topsy Turtle (Hasbro) and Uno Moo (Mattel) and Lego engages a new audience with the LEGO Games Minotaurus.

Gator Golf Hasbro RRP £14.99
Jenga Hasbro RRP £9.99
LOGO Game Drumond Park RRP £29.99
LEGO Games Minotaurus LEGO RRP £17.99
Monopoly City Hasbro RRP £24.99
Bop It Hasbro RRP £19.99
Peppa Pig Tumble and Spin Jumbo RRP £12.99
Pictureka Flipper Hasbro RRP £24.99
LEGO Games Ramses Pyramid Lego RRP £19.99
Rubiks 360 Drumond Park RRP £13.99
Topsy Turtle Hasbro RRP £16.99
Uno Moo Mattel RRP £14.49


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Dream Toys is a media only event organised by the Toy Retailers Association. This is the 43rd year that the Toy Retailers Association has announced the Top Toys for Christmas. The Media Preview includes the latest new toys in the market as well as the Top 12. The TRA represents around 2500 stores and over 100 different companies accounting for 60% of toy retailers. The independent predictions are based on the Toy Retailers Association’s 50 years experience as the voice of retailers and take into account what consumers are requesting, what excites children and the latest trends in new products.