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Hot Toys for 2006

TMX Elmo Once again this year, we take a look at the hottest toys hitting shelves for the holiday season.

On September 19th the big news was the arrival of T.M.X Elmo. This year Elmo is celebrating his 10th anniversary by laughing...and laughing...and laughing. The hype around Elmo's secret unveiling has fueled the demand. It might be tricky to find this toy closer to the holidays, so if you can, scoop him up now.

Barbie continues to be popular. This year she appears in the 12 Dancing Princesses along with the dolls and accessories to go with it. Other popular characters this year still include Dora the Explorer, Power Rangers, Pixel Chix, My Little Pony and the new kid on the block, Diego from the popular Nick Jr. show.

The release of Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest brought the popularity of pirates up a notch. Look for character figures from the movie along with their ships on shelves this season. Little boys and girls too love talking like pirates.

The high tech craze continues to dominate. Everything from digital cameras, music players and video cameras are now available even for the youngest kids. The new lines are made with bigger buttons and sturdier designs for ease of use and rough and tumble kids.

There is also no slowing down the video game industry. The Xbox 360 is still the must have game system for most kids but watch out for new systems popping up on the market this holiday season. This year Nintendo is introducing the Wii - available for pre-order in November. Handheld gamers will be asking for Sony PSP this year, along with the many new games available for all this years hot systems.

As the holiday season gets closer, be sure to check out the Toy News section at Kids' Turn where we feature the latest press releases from all your favourite toy companies. We'll be sharing the latest news in toys and how to get them.

You can purchase these toys and many more online at Kids' Turn Central through, Toys R Us and many other affiliate toy companies in our Holiday Shop and through direct links on the site. If you are having problems finding a particular toy, drop us an email and we'll try to find a resource for you. All purchases help support and maintain this site.

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