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TMX Cookie Monster Hot Toys for 2007
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The holiday season is rapidly approaching so once again we will take a look at some potential "hot" toys for 2007.

Fisher-Price will be introducing T.M.X. Elmo to some friends this fall. T.M.X. Cookie Monster and T.M.X. Ernie arrive in stores in October. The new dolls are slightly smaller than our red furry friend and come with a smaller price tag.

Along with a new Ernie and Cookie Monster, Elmo will be decked out this year as a Pizza Seller with his very own singing Pizza!

Webkinz, the charming plush pets from Ganz with their own interactive web site, should prove popular with both boys and girls. Look for new designs of these popular pets this fall. Also combining collecting and connecting is Funkeys. The more Funkeys players own, the more zones they can explore and the more games they can play when connected to a computer.

TMX Cookie Monster With the popularity of the video game Guitar Hero, look for budding musicians adding Fisher-Price I Can Play Guitar to their wish lists this year. Designed for children ages six and older, the guitar plugs directly into your TV and teaches you to play the guitar.

This year, theaters were filled with sequels of some very popular characters. Harry Potter, Spider-man, Shrek, The Simpsons and Pirates of the Caribbean all hit the big screen and not far behind were the toys, video games, books and gadgets. New movie themes this holiday season include a whole line of Transformers and a rat named Ratatouille.

High-tech gadgets will likely show up on everyones wish list this year. Digital cameras, cellphones, MP3 players, digital journals and personal computers are always welcome with the tech-savvy youth of today.

Finally, you can't go wrong with a classic. For boys, Lego is always popular. This year, the Mission to Mars collection should be a hit. For girls, there's something for everyone in the Barbie line - from standard to interactive dolls.

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