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The Ever Growing Smurf Family!

(20719) Pisces Smurf

(Virtual Press Office) - Dear to collectors’ hearts across the world for over 50 years, the Smurf family from Schleich continues to grow with exciting new astrology characters joining the range.

Whether you are Virgo, Cancer, Leo or any other birth sign, there is a Smurf for you, reflecting the characteristics which make each horoscope unique. They will undoubtedly be as avidly collected as their adorable counterparts – Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty, Jokey and many, many other firm favourites.

The Super Smurfs which each come with their own accessory whether that be a hammock, a bicycle or car, continue to bring a smile to the face as these humorous, friendly blue characters are recognised and loved by generations of family members.

Charming, mushroom shaped Smurf houses with working doors and flower filled window frames complete the collection and make perfect role play accessories for Smurf figures to live in.

Schleich is famous for its detailed, hand-painted figurines and the Smurf range has in the past been synonymous with the Schleich name translating the company’s ability to create great looking collectables into fun characters. Smurfs have been part of Schleich’s huge portfolio for many years and in addition to the new astrology characters there are lots more Smurf figures to collect.

For more information about the entire collection read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece…

    (20717) Capricorn Smurf (20717) Capricorn Smurf
    The Capricorn star sign is signified by the Goat. This Smurf has two horns coming from his white hat, and looks like he is enjoying his crunchy carrot! He is confident and hardworking but very reluctant at times.

    (20718) Aquarius Smurf
    The Aquarian zodiac sign is symbolized by the water-bearer. This Smurf is holding a yellow jug full of water, which he has tipped upside down to make the water run out. He is very loyal and honest and a very independent character but he can be unpredictable at times!

    (20719) Pisces Smurf
    Pisces is represented by the fish, and this Smurf looks like he is having fun wearing his fish! Like a true fish he swims about minding his own business, never loud and has a very sweet nature. He can also be quite easily led.

    (20720) Aries Smurf (20720) Aries Smurf
    This Smurf has come all the way from Smurf village somewhere deep in the woods! He is wearing horns which resemble the Ram, which is the animal for the Aries zodiac sign. He is adventurous and energetic but watch out he can also be short-tempered!

    (20721) Taurus Smurf
    All the Smurfs are essentially alike – all with blue skin and a white uniform. This Smurf has horns protruding from his white hat, horns that resemble the Bull, and the Taurus star sign. He is warm-hearted, reliable and very loving but on the dark side he can be a little jealous!

    (20722) Gemini Smurf
    The Gemini star sign is the twins, which is why there are two of these little fellows! They have their arms around one another and have wide smiles and definitely live up to their trait of being lively and youthful but they can also be very inquisitive.

    (20720) Aries Smurf (20723) Cancer Smurf
    This Smurf has a hard shell and claws just like the crab that resembles the Cancer star sign. He finds comfort at home, and loves to be surrounded by his friends. Outsiders see him as tough but he is a real softy at heart!

    (20724) Leo Smurf
    He is just ‘three apples tall’ but this Smurf looks quite a beast with his sharp teeth and big fuzzy mane! He is the lion which symbolizes the Leo star sign. He is very strong and is a great leader. He can also be a little bossy though!

    (20725) Virgo Smurf
    The Virgo sign is the only one which is resembled by a female. She looks very pretty with her white wings and pretty yellow flower. She is intelligent and very modest, but can also be a bit of a perfectionist and a worrier!

    (20726) Libra Papa Smurf
    Old Papa Smurf is holding the scales that represent the Libra star sign. He has his infamous white beard and red hat, and wears them with his big smile! He is charming, sociable and idealistic but can also be quite indecisive and gullible.

    (20727) Scorpio Smurf (20727) Scorpio Smurf
    The Scorpion Smurf has a long tail with a sting at the end, and rather large pincers! He can be very contradictive and just wants the best of both worlds. He is very passionate and committed but be careful he is also very secretive!

    (20728) Sagittarius Smurf
    Sagittarius is represented by ‘the archer’- in this case he is half archer Smurf and half horse! Romance gives him a sense of adventure and not at all selfish, but big-hearted and understanding. He has a dark brown tail and tanned hair, and he is holding his bow and arrow.

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