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It's a Dogs Life!!

(16381) Pug, male

(Virtual Press Office) - Renowned as man’s best friend, it’s hardly surprising that Schleich’s collection of Dogs is one of its most popular ranges and a firm favourite with both children and collectors.

The assortment contains a wide variety of different breeds from around the world ensuring everyone can find the perfect companion. The most pressing decision will be whether to invest in a mischievous young puppy or a fully trained, full grown dog.

There are eight new additions to the canine family this year, with each figure a miniature replica of its larger counterpart – and as with real dogs, no two models are exactly the same. The chubby Pug family, with their faces full of character, includes a male, female and puppies, as does the Labrador family. The magnificent Great Dane family includes mum and her gorgeous giant puppy.

All dogs in Schleich’s collection are anatomically correct and intricately hand painted ensuring that they have both educational and recreational value. Children will love playing with their canine companions and in later years, proudly display their collection for everyone to see.

For more information about the entire collection, read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece…

    (16382) Pug, female (16381) Pug, male
    This male pug has the most common colouring for a Pug; a fawn body, with a black face and black tips at the end of his ears. He has a wrinkly face, short strong legs and a curly tail. He has been running around the park and is just stopping for a little rest!

    (16382) Pug, female
    A small female Pug, standing there with a wrinkly, muzzled face, looks so adorable! Her black glossy coat with a white chest and a curled tail add extra authenticity to this figurine. Along with her short legs and little floppy ears, this Pug looks very realistic, and looks like she is ready for a game of ‘fetch!’

    (16383) Pug puppies
    After a long play in the fields, these two puppies are relaxing on the grass. The black Puglet (as they are sometimes referred too) is sitting, while the fawn Puglet, is standing.

    (16384) Great Dane, female (16384) Great Dane, female
    The female Great Dane has a very proud stance displaying the wonderful black and white markings that define her large frame.

    (16385) Great Dane puppy
    The Great Dane is commonly known for its giant size, but luckily you can pop this one in your pocket! This puppy is so adorable and looks very playful.

    (16386) Labrador, male
    The golden coloured Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They are very athletic and love young children.

    (16387) Labrador, female
    The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They are very athletic and love young children. This chocolate lab has a very friendly face and will make a loyal companion.

    (16388) Labrador puppy
    This is a playful chocolate lab puppy that holds his tail high and looks a little mischievous.

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About Schleich
Anywhere’s a playground is the philosophy behind each and every Schleich toy or play-set. Not only is Schleich the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, realistic animal, historical and fantasy figurines, but it is also a leading light in the world of imaginative play.

2010 will be the 75th anniversary for Schleich and, since its very beginning its toys have been valued and enjoyed by children and collectors of all ages. They are respected as much by parents, as they are loved by the children who play with them as they stimulate the imagination and encourage active play.

Each unique collection is made up of the most natural and accurate renditions of the animals, people, historical periods, and fantasy worlds they represent. Every single piece is designed in Germany where the most robust standards of quality control are put into practice ensuring the highest industry standards for safety and reliability which is then reiterated in the precision craftsmanship at the point of manufacture.

Schleich is available in over 70 countries world wide and represents a truly “World Toy” that needs no translation or instruction - only imagination and the time to play slowly and freely.

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