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Fun With Farms!

(13453) Stable girl with wheelbarrow

(Virtual Press Office) - Farming and agriculture is a way of life and is found the world over but many children who live in cities and towns have little first hand experience of it.

Nonetheless, the farming theme is one of the most popular imaginative play patterns available with the animals and equipment found on farms being more than familiar to children. This is why Schleich’s Farm Life collection is perennially popular to collect with favourite animals that can be added to larger pieces that depict farm buildings and equipment.

Everywhere is a playground is the belief of the makers of Schleich and never more so than having fun on a farm; as the birds and beasts, trucks and trailers become part of a play pattern that stimulates imaginations and educates in the most natural way possible.

Each year new pieces are added, including many classic breeds. 2010 sees the addition of one of the most famous cow breeds of all, the Scottish Highland. Bull, cow and calf are all to be portrayed which are instantly recognisable with their craggy red brown fur.

Other additions to farm life include a range of new domestic birds including Duck, Drake and Ducklings and a whole family of mute swans.

Horses are a main feature within the Farm Life collection which has many new additions including a wonderful Pony carriage. It comes with a pony but also attaches to all of Schleich’s other ponies and is a comfy way to transport its rider safely around the farm.

For more information about the entire collection read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece...

    (13453) Stable girl with wheelbarrow
    A young stable girl, complete with her wheelbarrow, is all ready for a morning of hard work, cleaning out the stables and making sure that her horses have fresh straw to lie down in when they come back in after being exercised.

    (13653) Duck (13454) Groom, feeding
    A young lady groom is carrying a bucket full of delicious feed to give to her horse which will keep him happy while she carefully grooms him.

    (13455, 13456) Rider with sleeveless jacket / Rider with jacket
    Two young lady riders have come to the stables, each of them off for a morning hack on their favourite Schleich horses. These two friends can walk hand in hand back across the farm when they have finished their morning ride.

    (13653) Duck
    This beautiful duck has incredible detail. Standing tall and showing off her striking feathers, it makes a very elegant addition to your farm life collection.

    (13654) Drake
    A handsome drake with amazing detail to his wings, he will look fantastic in your farm life collection alongside the ducks and ducklings! His yellow bill and green head resemble the real thing.

    (13655) Ducklings
    There is nothing ugly about these four little ducklings! They look adorable as they waddle their way to the pond! The fine detailing really brings these figures to life, with their light brown down and orange webbed feet, you will definitely want these in your farm life collection.

    (13656) White swan, female (13656) White swan, female
    The mute Swan is one of the larger species of Swan. This figure, standing tall and proud, really shows off her majestic features and the amazing detail of her fine feathers and striking orange bill.

    (13657) Cygnets
    The babies of the mute swan are also available with their fluffy grey down and greyish bill. These four will look delightful in your collection.

    (13660) Scottish highland calf
    This shaggy Scottish highland calf is covered with lots of fur due to the rugged nature of its environment in the Scottish highlands. With high rainfall and strong winds the fur is sure to protect the calf.

    (13659) Scottish highland cow
    A very shaggy coat keeps this cow warm and protected from the high rainfall and strong winds in the highlands.

    (13658) Scottish highland bull
    The Scottish Highland Bull has very long horns and long wavy pelts of brindled fur which provides protection during the cold winters. He is able to hunt food and survive in steep mountain areas.

    (13666) Lusitano (13663) Black Forest stallion
    This beautiful horse has a deep chestnut coat with a fair coloured mane. He was originally used to work in forests and pull along carts.

    (13662) Shetland stallion
    This Shetland Stallion has a heavy brown fur coat and short legs. He is very strong which makes him great to take out on long rides.

    (13666) Lusitano
    This courageous Portuguese horse breed has a broad chest and well-sprung ribs. It is extremely powerful and strong, due to its muscular hindquarters and strong, long legs.

    (13667) Frisian stallion
    The Frisian is most often recognized by its black coat color, though color alone is not their only distinguishing characteristic. Schleich’s Friesian horse also has a long, thick mane and tail which is slightly wavy as it should be.

    (13668) Andalusian mare
    Known for its intelligence, sensitivity and docility this Andalusian horse stands proud with its long and broad neck, running down to well-defined withers and large chest which is shown in great detail.

    (13670) Clydesdale stallion (13669) Andalusian foal
    The Andalusian Foal has a little growing to do yet to look as strong and impressive as its elders but is showing all the signs of becoming a fine example of its breed.

    (13670) Clydesdale stallion
    This breed of draft horse which derived from Scotland is cut out for hard work and has a thick mane and tail together with strong legs for pulling heavy loads.

    (13671) Clydesdale foal
    This lovely foal will soon grow up to become a strong draft horse himself with all the characteristics of his parents.

    (13661) Poitou donkey
    This Poitou has travelled all the way from the Poitou region of France! He is very affectionate and friendly. This donkey has a lovely detailed brown coat and long grey nose.

    (13665) Black Forest yearling
    This cute little Black Forest Yearling is galloping around the stables’ yard. His deep chestnut coat and fair coloured mane makes this yearling a must-have for any collection.

    (13664) Black Forest mare
    After a long day exercising this Black Forest Mare is ready to relax at the stables. He stands strong with his dark coat and fair coloured mane.

    (42040) Pony carriage (42039) Pony riding set
    The pony riding set is great for those little riding enthusiasts. This set fits onto all of the Schleich ponies.

    (42040) Pony carriage
    The pony carriage comes with a pony but also attaches to all of Schleich’s ponies and is a comfy way to transport its rider safely around the farm.

    (42041) Water trailer
    Able to be filled with water, attach this trough to your cross country vehicle to transport water for all the animals on the farm. The water trough is great for soaking animals on the pastures, away from the main farm buildings.

    (42045) Paddock fence
    With this paddock fence the farmer is able to keep his small livestock together with ease.

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About Schleich
Anywhere’s a playground is the philosophy behind each and every Schleich toy or play-set. Not only is Schleich the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, realistic animal, historical and fantasy figurines, but it is also a leading light in the world of imaginative play.

2010 will be the 75th anniversary for Schleich and, since its very beginning its toys have been valued and enjoyed by children and collectors of all ages. They are respected as much by parents, as they are loved by the children who play with them as they stimulate the imagination and encourage active play.

Each unique collection is made up of the most natural and accurate renditions of the animals, people, historical periods, and fantasy worlds they represent. Every single piece is designed in Germany where the most robust standards of quality control are put into practice ensuring the highest industry standards for safety and reliability which is then reiterated in the precision craftsmanship at the point of manufacture.

Schleich is available in over 70 countries world wide and represents a truly “World Toy” that needs no translation or instruction - only imagination and the time to play slowly and freely.

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