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Professor Woodpecker Makes Children’s Nutrition Fun and Simple

Professor Woodpecker

New Children’s Series Focuses on the Benefits of Healthy, Wholesome Foods

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In a country where rates of obesity – including those among children – are at an alltime high, one might expect to find a plethora of child-friendly nutritional information aimed at helping the youngest members of society make smart choices and live healthy lives. In reality, though, resources like these are few and far between.

But the Professor Woodpecker series, the brand new set of children’s books from H and T Imaginations Unlimited, Inc., is out to change that. In the first three of the planned six book series – Professor Woodpecker’s Banana Sandwiches; Green Apples, Red Apples, Yellow Apples and More and Professor Woodpecker Loves Cereal (published by AuthorHouse) – Professor Woodpecker shares invaluable nutritional advice and ideas with children everyone, and no one is better equipped to share such dietary wisdom than clever and caring Professor Woodpecker.

Authoritative yet fun, educational yet entertaining, Professor Woodpecker serves as a role model and teacher for children and those around them who help make their nutritional decisions, like parents and grandparents. Each book features the wise and witty professor, who – while carrying on fun activities and conversations – introduces children to important information regarding wholesome nutrition.

In Professor Woodpecker’s Banana Sandwiches, the wise old teacher shares the healthy, delicious and super simple recipe for “banana sandwiches” that kids can make themselves. He then goes beyond the “how” and teaches children “why,” explaining the nutritional value of the various ingredients, like bananas and wholesome breads.

In Green Apples, Red Apples, Yellow Apples and More, Professor Woodpecker uses the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” to teach kids about the healthy benefits of apples, while also relating some of the many ways that apples can be eaten.

Professor Woodpecker Loves Cereal introduces many more healthy and tasty foods. Along with discussing what types of cereal are healthy – oatmeal and wheat flakes, for instance – and what types aren’t – sugary, frosted and chocolate concoctions – Professor Woodpecker introduces various fruits that can be used to enhance the cereal for a breakfast that is both good and good for you.

With so many significant issues facing children today, Professor Woodpecker’s series is a positive and pleasurable must-have for children, parents and educators who are ready to have fun, discover exciting new possibilities and learn lessons that will stick for life.

Author Stanley Hill of H and T Imaginations Unlimited, Inc. has been involved in children’s affairs for many years. He teaches a children’s Sunday school class and supports many children’s charities. It is Hill’s concerns for today’s children and their development that inspired him to author the Professor Woodpecker series, in the hopes that his wholesome stories would provide fun, encouragement and invaluable nutritional information for kids everywhere.

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