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Evidence Kit Reveals Who Done It

Evidence Kit

Lazer Tripwire Catches Crooks Red-Handed

(SAN FRANCISCO, January 30, 2009) – Sometimes spies need to be in two places at once – examining a crime scene and protecting headquarters. With the new Lazer Tripwire, agents can set up an invisible barrier to secure their home base before grabbing their Evidence Kit to conduct on-site investigations. During downtime between missions, spies can use both gadgets for individual training exercises or multi-player games.

    Evidence Kit™: A mobile forensics set that includes a 30X microscope, UV light, fingerprint kit & glow-in-the-dark powder
    Age: 6+ / MSRP: $16 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    This portable tool kit provides spies with everything they need to gather enough evidence to determine who is guilty and who has been framed.

    Find clever ways to collect fingerprints of up to ten potential suspects, including family members, friends and enemies. Stamp yourself for future proof of innocence. File everyone’s prints on your ID card.

    Next time you need to know who done it, dab your dusting brush in the glow-in-the-dark powder and cover different surfaces – doorknobs, glasses, DVD cases. Scan your surroundings with the ultra-violet light until glowing fingerprints appear, then apply tape to lift them and secure them in your kit.

    Use tweezers to collect additional clues – hairs, clothing fibers, crumbs. Place them in sterile bags to avoid contamination. Examine the evidence under a high-power (30X) microscope. For nighttime sleuthing, attach a scope-light to illuminate your magnified specimens.

    Consider all factors – timing, motives, alibis. Compare the prints you collect with those on your ID card for positive identification.

    On slow crime days, practice your spy skills with a game among fellow agents. Meet at headquarters and ask one agent to move an object after you leave the room. When you return, exercise your astute observation skills to determine what has been misplaced, and then examine the object for fingerprints and other clues.

    Lazer Tripwire™: A high-tech security system that creates a field of invisible laser-like beams; includes two emitter pods and one adjustable dual receiver Age: 6+ / MSRP: $20 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    The new Lazer Tripwire creates a field of invisible beams that can be arranged to guard rooms, people, objects – anything that needs protecting. The redesigned receiver and emitter pods can be set on various surfaces to form straight lines of invisible light that trigger an alarm if someone crosses through them.

    To keep intruders out, place an emitter and receiver on opposite sides of an entryway, up to 6 feet apart. Or put the pods around a backpack to keep its contents secure. Position pods in inconspicuous areas, or leave them in plain sight on the floor or dresser to taunt your enemies. As long as the emitters line up with the receiver, a siren will sound if anything enters or exits the guarded territory.

    The Lazer Tripwire is recommended for kids 6 and older, but is enjoyed by tweens, teens and adults alike. When not needed to protect cubicles, dorm rooms, cookie jars or secret forts, the Lazer Tripwire can be used as a game. Players challenge each other to maneuver around the invisible beams to retrieve objects without setting off the alarm.

    Secret Agent Briefcase™: A dart-launching briefcase complete with secret compartments and spy tools; includes a removable red lazer light and vision scope, DVD holder, storage space, dart blaster & four darts
    Age: 6+ / MSRP: $20 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    The Secret Agent Briefcase is a spy emergency kit that transforms into a dart-launching defense device. The sleek silver spy accessory contains a red lazer light and vision scope that can be used on-the-go, while the briefcase is still closed, or can be removed and used separately. A button on the handle allows you to launch darts in the direction of approaching enemies.

    The sturdy kit contains secret compartments, a DVD holder and offers enough space to store additional darts, spy equipment and other gadgets, such as an MP3 player or cell phone.

    $10 Silver Spy Gear Specials:
    Wild Planet is releasing special silver versions of some of its most popular gadgets for $10. The award-winning Spy Night Scope, the Agent Tool Kit and Micro Ear Gear will be available for a new generation of agents-in-training.

    Spy Night Scope™: Binoculars with pop-up spotlight and red-tinted lenses
    Age: 6+ / MSRP: $10 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    Look through the red-tinted lenses of the Spy Night Scope to examine far-away objects up close. With the press of a button, illuminate near-by subjects with a red light, or engage the bright white pop-up spotlight to see up to 25 feet in the distance.

    Agent Tool Kit™: Essential spy gadgets in a locking case; includes a motion alarm, magnification scope, pen & flashlight
    Age: 6+ / MSRP: $10 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    Slide the pen out of the side of the closed Agent Tool Kit and use its sculpted tip to unlock the main compartment. Inside you’ll find a flashlight that attaches to the pen, as well as a curved tube that bends the light downward toward your writing surface. There is also a magnification scope that snaps onto the pen, and a light-sensing motion alarm.

    Micro Ear Gear™: A pair of hands-free, ear-mounted spy gadgets; contains a Micro Ear Light™ & Micro Agent Listener™
    Age: 6+ / MSRP: $10 mass / Available: Fall 2009

    With your gear on your ears, your hands are kept free for collecting evidence. The bright red LED of the Micro Ear Light illuminates your path while the sound-amplification component of the Micro Agent Listener gives you super hearing powers. For long-distance listening, the detachable microphone of the Agent Listener can be extended or positioned around a corner so you can hear where you’re headed and determine if it’s safe to continue.

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