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Mary Meyer’s New Cheery Cheeks

Cheery Cheeks

Mix Textures, Fabrics, Colors and Patterns

February 1, 2010 – Townshend, VT -- (Virtual Press Office) -- Mary Meyer presents Cheery Cheeks, a bright, fun, cast of characters.

Cheery Cheeks are made of a blend of textured fabrics and a mix and match collection of patterns including stripes and flowers. The bold blend of colors is delightful and somewhat unexpected.

These soft toys took their inspiration from the fashion runway with a sense of confidence and style. And like quilted accessories and blankets, the sum of the fabrics is what makes these toys a work of art.

The details on these truly cheery animals are all embroidered including the eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks and freckles. Each character blends colors and shapes along with fabrics to make a fashionably adorable friend. These toys have soft, squeezable bodies and big paws that are very huggable.

Cheery Cheeks includes six characters: Lively Lion, Sunny Bunny, Giddy Kitty, Dandy Dog, Merry Monkey and Happity Frog.

Vibrant and delightful, Cheery Cheeks are 14inches long and retail for $19.98. For more information visit or call 800-451-4387.

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