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It's Only Natural: New Eco-Friendly IdbidsTM Debut in `Green' Booth at 2008 Toy Fair
Scout, Lola and Waverly teach ‘Iddy Biddy Steps for a Greener World’ Eco-Friendly Toys

ATLANTA (Feb. 4, 2008) – Little is the new big. That’s according to the Idbids, a new brand of huggable, lovable characters whose mission is to teach children the iddy biddy steps they can take each day to make a big difference in keeping the Earth happy, healthy and green. The first three ecofriendly Idbids will be unveiled Feb. 17 at the Toy Industry Association’s 2008 American International Toy Fair® in New York City.

"Children are hearing more and more about how important it is to take care of our Earth, and it might seem like an overwhelming task," says Debbie Smith, co-founder of Idbids, LLC, and a parent. "Idbids are friendly, fun characters created to help children easily understand their part within a much bigger picture."

Scout, Lola and Waverly are three colorful plush toys with green feet and distinct personalities. Each one is dedicated to a particular environmental element. Scout is a soft, fluffy white cloud who is knowledgeable about the air and becomes a bit cranky when he thinks about air pollution. Lola, the flower of the bunch, teaches children about trees and plants. And Waverly is a bright blue water drop who cares deeply about the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.


One 9-inch Idbid plush toy comes in a kit that includes a cinch sack for the child to wear, a storybook and a field guide that takes children on a journey of discovery to learn the iddy biddy steps they can take to protect the environment. The Idbids kit is designed to show children a small piece of a larger “green” picture – and how one child’s small steps can help a bigger cause.

“We believe children have the desire to help others and achieve something good,” says Sarah Alvarez, co-founder of Idbids and a parent. “The Idbids help them participate in an ongoing effort to do their part in a fun and rewarding way.”

The storybook and the field guide teach children day-to-day, iddy biddy Earth-saving steps, from turning off the water when they brush their teeth to picking up and disposing of trash – and remembering to wash their hands! When children complete all of the activities listed in the field guide, they are rewarded with an Idbids Certificate of Completion and a pair of eco-friendly green Idbids shoelaces to wear as a reminder to continue practicing their iddy biddy steps for a greener world.

Eco-Friendly Product

Idbids strives to make its products – from the plush toys to the packaging – using organic, recycled or eco-friendly materials that are respectful to the environment. Idbids plush toys, for example, are made of 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton, and the packaging is made of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

“We want to provide a toy that is environmentally responsible,” Alvarez says. “Our goal is to use eco-friendly products in as many aspects of our business as possible. It may take a little more work to do things the way we want, but we know long-term, the choices we make today can have a significant effect tomorrow – which, of course, is also a lesson the Idbids are teaching children.” In addition to teaching about environmental conservation, future Idbids products will be produced using the same eco-friendly materials and “iddy biddy” educational technique to address lessons that range from nutrition to manners.

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Idbids, LLC, is headquartered in Atlanta and creates fun toys that teach children “iddy biddy steps make a biggie big difference” in keeping our Earth happy, healthy and green. Idbids toys are manufactured using organic, recycled or eco-friendly materials. In addition, Idbids’ packaging materials are made from environmentally friendly or recycled materials. For more information, visit, or call 1-877-4IDBIDS (1-877-443-2437).