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Seattle game company to showcase 2008 product line at New York Toy Fair

SEATTLE – February 8, 2008 – Baffle Gab LLC announced in October that it was changing its name to Discovery Bay Games LLC. The new name reflects the company’s ever-expanding line of fun and unique children’s games and its focus on creating family-oriented games of discovery. Several new games were released for Holiday 2007 and more new games will be showcased at New York Toy Fair, February 17-20.

NEW FOR 2008

    Literati Challenge™ (Fall)
    Literati Challenge™ is a seriously fun story telling game that gives you five challenging word cards – a mix of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs – and one minute to write a story or bluff your friends. Use all the words correctly to earn points and be the first to 300. Game comes with 300 word cards, including the definitions and example sentences. (2 or more players, ages 15 and up, $29.95)

    SCOOP™ (Fall)
    Beat your friends to the scoop! Roll the dice and play your cards to match the ice cream cone created by the roll. Watch out for the flavor of the month, though! It can change everything and leave you holding an empty cone. (2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up, $14.95)


For Holiday 2007, Discovery Bay Games launched its new products through an exclusive partnership with Barnes & Noble. Adding to Baffle Gab™, the company’s initial product, three entirely new games were released – Barista™, Be•Rhymed!™ and The ORIGIN of Expressions™ – as well as Spanish and French Canadian/Quebecois versions of Baffle Gab and two booster packs.

    Barista The Game™
    Grande nonfat mocha with a single shot? Or tall soy cappuccino with a double shot? The goal of Barista is to match the beverage shown on a roll of the dice with cards in your hand in order to create the perfect cup of coffee. The perfect cup can change at any time, so be careful not to spill your cup! (2-4 players, 4 is ideal, ages 8 and up, $14.95)

    Does your banana wear a bandana? This game of fast times and fast rhymes gives players two minutes to act, draw or speak paired clues in order to get team members to correctly guess the answers. (4 or more players, at least 2 teams of 2, ages 10 and up, $14.95)

    The ORIGIN of Expressions™
    Ever wonder where the expression “cold turkey” came from? ORIGIN is the game that explains why we say the things we say. Laugh your way to discovering the startling beginnings of modern expressions while you try to guess the origin and also bluff your friends. (3 or more players, ages 12 and up, $29.95)

    Baffle Gab™
    Baffle Gab™ gives you five word cards (nouns, adjectives and verbs) and one minute to write a story or sentence. The goal is simple: use the words correctly to earn Bone Bucks. (2 or more players, ages 7 and up, $29.95)

    ¡Cuentamelo!™, which means “tell me a story,” is the Spanish version of Baffle Gab. Whether you’re just learning Spanish or are already fluent, ¡Cuentamelo! offers the same family fun as Baffle Gab, but in Spanish. ¡Cuentamelo! also comes with a bi-lingual dictionary of all the game words to make learning easier. (2 or more players, ages 7 and up, $29.95)

    Bafouiller™ Bafouiller™, which means “to talk nonsense,” is the French Canadian/Quebecois version of Baffle Gab. Just like Baffle Gab, Bafouiller is not only laugh-out-loud funny, it is also a great learning game. (2 or more players, ages 7 and up, $29.95)

    Booster Packs
    Two booster packs – Themes and Famous Lines – were created for use with the original Baffle Gab. Booster packs contain 60 cards, each with a theme or unfinished famous quote that is used as a starting point in a round of play with the Baffle Gab five card spread. (2 or more players, ages 7 and up, $5.99) “Our initial mission was to make learning fun again,” said Craig Olson, CEO of Discovery Bay Games. “Our new name reflects our expanded mission of creating a broad line of quality games that bring people together to laugh and interact.”

Discovery Bay Games’ products are available at Barnes & Noble stores and select specialty toy and game retailers nationwide or online at, and

Baffle Gab has been recognized by numerous prestigious educational, toy, and family organizations for being laugh-out-loud funny, while also helping children learn creative thinking and writing, vocabulary, and math skills. Some recent awards include: Game of the Year (Creative Child Magazine, 2006 and 2007), Canadian Toy Testing Council Three Star Rating for Baffle Gab (2007), iParenting Media Award for ¡Cuentamelo! (2007 Greatest Products Award), and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for The Origin of Expressions (2008).

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About Discovery Bay Games
Based in Port Townsend and Seattle, Wash., Discovery Bay Games LLC (formerly Baffle Gab LLC) makes award-winning, family-oriented games of fun, learning, and discovery. The company, which was founded in 2004, started with one game, Baffle Gab™. Discovery Bay Games now offers a total of eight games (Baffle Gab, Barista™, Be•Rhymed!™, The ORIGIN of Expressions™, ¡Cuentamelo!™, Bafouiller™, Literati Challenge™, and Scoop™) and two booster packs, with more games on the way for 2008. For more information, visit