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Wild Republic’s New Chompers, Grinders and Crunchers Stir Up Natural Thrills at Toy Fair 2010

Wild Republic

New York, NY - (February 8, 2010) – Celebrating 30 years as world leaders in nature related fun, Wild Republic swings into Toy Fair 2010 with one of its most action-spirited set of new product lines.

Thriving on the world’s fundamental curiosity in nature, and providing creative products that encourage children’s fascination with wildlife and the world around them, Wild Republic serves up an assortment of all-new products and line extensions. Wild Republic’s new product lines include Chompers, trigger-action toys, Crunchers, allterrain toy vehicles, Mini Morphs™, interchangeable figures, and Bouncers, fabric covered inflatables. The company’s line extensions arrive in the form of all-new Mongo Grinders™ skateboarding zoo dudes, Wee Lil’ Keepers™ new light-up feature and four new fairy characters, and, as always, new plush animal species in the Cuddlekins, puppet, and various size plush lines.

Craig Hopp, Director of Marketing at Wild Republic, said, “This year is one of our most aggressive product initiatives. As we have expanded completely new offerings in boys’ toys, we also added to our top selling lines, such as Morphs and Mongo Grinders. We listened to consumers and have responded with all new, consumer friendly priced items that continue to carry the Wild Republic philosophy of providing nature-themed toys designed to spark a imagination and educate about the wonders of the wild through creative play.”

With its new Chompers (MSRP $5 each), Wild Republic’s product development department unhinged its ingenuity and opened up a playful handheld toy chew crew that includes T-Rex and Velociraptor dinosaurs, Great White Shark, Tiger, White Tiger and Lion. The Chompers have oversized heads and child hand-sized bodies that open and close mouths when a child operated the animal’s arm/leg lever.

Wild Republic The Chompers are chased by Wild Republic’s new Crunchers (MSRP $9 each), 4-wheeling adventure toy vehicles topped with cool animal shapes.

The Cruncher Shark, Tiger, Crocodile or Triceratops vehicles have a crunching up and down motion when the wheels roll to activate the jaw crunching action.

Also floating into the marketplace are the company’s new Bouncers (MSRP $7 each), which are fabric animal shapes that have an inflatable ball inside. When air is pumped into the softly covered Penguin, Elephant, Dolphin, Triceratops, Tiger or T-Rex, the newly formed round-bellies become hysterically fun beach ball like bouncing fun for all ages.

Expanding on one of the company’s perennial top-selling products, Mini Morphs are the latest in the line of Wild Republic’s interchangeable, mix-andmatch snap-together toys. In 2007, Wild Republic’s wildly popular MagnaMorphs™ dropped its “Magna” magnet component in favor of a safer and more eco-friendly snap together feature. The entirely new Morphs line was reintroduced with all of Wild Republic’s consumer-favorite animal species, dinosaurs, and figure sets, as well as all-new completely compatible lines of Morphs Cars and Morphs Environments sets.

Vishnu Chandran, Executive Director of Wild Republic, said, “A few years ago, we felt that it was extremely important to make a proactive modification to the Morphs line. Our slight modification to the product eased any consumer concerns about toy safety, and we maintained steady growth for the Morphs line.” In fact, the reinvented Morphs earned a 2009 Top 10 Toy ranking by Dr. Toy.

This year, the Morphs added a new alteration as they morphed into a shrunken version. The new Mini Morphs (MSRP $6 each set) come in North American, African, Aquatic and Dinosaurs sets. Each set is interchangeable with the other so all sets can be combined and played for the ultimate in arms, legs, wings, fins, heads, and body options.

Wild Republic “We shrunk them down a bit and the smaller parts offer slightly more options to putting together the most bizarre mixed breeds. The Mini Morphs appeal to slightly older age group by offering creative education expression and an element of silliness while also providing some educational elements and fine motor skill development,” explained Hopp.

Like the Morphs, Wee Lil’ Keepers (MSRP $7 each) and Mongo Grinders found favor with Dr. Toy, both being named as 2009 Best Picks of new Products. This year, the Wee Lil’ Keeper colorful Guardian of Nature sisters add-in a new light up feature to the fins of the original Mermaids, and introduce their four Wee Lil’ Fairy friends, which have light up wings.

Last year’s break-out hit for Wild Republic was its Mongo Grinders (MSRP $6 for singles; $12 for deluxe sets), a boy-oriented action figure group of cool, skateboarding zoo dudes who carry an important mission of teaching environmental concerns because Planet Earth is the one and only ultimate skatepark. Mongo Grinders are radically bendable animal action figures with suction cups on their hands and feet so that they can be positioned to hang-on and hang 10 on their skateboards. This year, new characters will join Kickflip Tree Frog, Backslide Crocodile, Nosegrind Rhino, and Bail Wolf, among others and new combination sets have been designed with ramps, boards and environment backdrops.

As always, Wild Republic will offer all new animal species to its plush lines. The company has been acclaimed for its unbelievable assortment of different animals that are always exacting to the fine details and specifications of each and every individual species of animal, from basic Black Bear and Asian Elephant to Harlequin Dart Frog and Rockhopper Penguin.

Throughout its 30 years, Wild Republic has had a knack for knowing the “next big thing” among people’s natural wildlife wonder and offering a broad spectrum of various animal species products to meet that demand. From its phenomenal successes with its Hanging Monkeys and Snakes to its current fan favorites, Wild Republic prepares to move into its fourth decade of wildlife education as the long-term leader in providing naturethemed toys. The company’s current brands include, Cuddlekins, WOWs, Audubon Birds, Steve Irwin Wildlife Adventure Series, Australia Zoo’s Bindi Irwin Product Range, Paws & Claws, Vibes, Know & Grow, Garden Accents, wooden puzzles, wind-ups, wall walkers and puppets, among other items.

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