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STAMFORD, CT- February 2007- Scouting the universe for an extraterristrial friend? Look no further. Electronic Test Tube Aliens™ from 4Kidz, Inc. have landed here on Earth and they need your help to survive!

Far away from their myterious planet, Electronic Test Tube Aliens need human assistance to hatch and raise their unborn lifeforms. Electronic Test Tube Aliens is an innovative new concept providing children the opportunity to grow, nurture and interact with their own collectible race of aliens.

Transported to Earth in a chrysalis device, each Electronic Test Tube Alien must be hatched, fed and rested in order to reach adulthood. Once you've made first contact with the Electronic Test Tube Alien just add water and watch as the cocoon foams and fizzes and your alien is hatched.

Now the survival of your alien depends on care and attention. As your alien comes to life, his electronic heart will start to `beat.' When his heart is flashing red, the Electronic Test Tube Alien is doing well. When the heart begins to flash green, the alien is in danger of drowning. If you notice the heart flashing orange, then he's ready to eat.

For the alien to grow and thrive he needs just the right amount of special "sloog," a nutrient rich slime, and equal time in daylight and darkness. Using advanced sensor technology, the Electronic Test Tube Alien is keenly aware of his environment. The better you treat them the longer they live. If you are mistreating your alien his life force will begin to deplete. However if you continue to take care of your alien correctly, he will grow to about eight times his birth size.

For a completely interactive experience that is out of this world, register your Electronic Test Tube Alien at Each Electronic Test Tube Alien has built in web communications technology enabling you to monitor the health of your alien or check its age and life status.

Electronic Test Tube Aliens are equipped to interact with any home PC screen, detecting encoded messages from the website without any wires or special software. These coded messages help you montior how your alien is doing. Simply hold your Electronic Test Tube Alien to the screen, it will flash to signal it has received the special messages that will help to extend its life. The online "Life Status chart" will help you decode the transmission and determine the health of your alien or it's age.

Collect all six Electronic Test Tube Aliens, three "good" and three "evil." Each alien includes sloog, one chrysalis and an unique alien registration card.

Electronic Test Tube Aliens were released in limited distribution this past December and sold out instantly. Electronic Test Tube Aliens (ages 7 and up) are now available nationwide at most mass market retailers including Target, Walmart, and Toys "R" Us for an approximate retail value of $15.00 each.

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