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New Sprig Story Blocks Build Imagination With Ease


Earth-Friendly Construction Sets Reflect Classic Themes and Fairytales

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Rome may not have been built in a day, but with Sprig Story Blocks, plenty of other magical cities and structures will be built, demolished and rebuilt in just minutes.

Sprig’s founders understand the dexterity challenges and frustrations experienced by preschoolers, particularly when it comes to building. As toy industry veterans and concerned parents, they created Story Blocks to let kids build quickly and easily with earth-friendly sets.

“Story Blocks boost self-esteem through gratifying, imaginative play experiences,” says Sprig Toys co-founder and industry veteran Justin Discoe. “We sized the blocks to fit into the hand of a 3- or 4-year-old and be easy for the child to manipulate while developing their fine motor skills. Kids can build quickly, get excited about their creations and tell their own stories.

With Sprig Story Blocks, the fun begins right away and kids beam with pride.”

Inspired by durable board books, each Story Blocks construction set comes complete with landscape, building and character pieces that spark young minds to create their own stories.

The fall 2009 Story Blocks line includes two large building sets (palace and barnyard), three medium sets (construction site, ladybug garden and safari adventure) and three unique books that allow kids to read and re-imagine classic tales like The Three Little Pigs. The garden and safari sets match Sprig’s new Sprig Hollow and Sprig Adventures playsets.

All Sprig Story Blocks sets let preschoolers to build quickly and easily with a combination of flat panels and slotted, stacking blocks. Beautifully illustrated and die cut into the simple, chunky shapes of walls, plants and characters, the two millimeter-thick panels are made from a 100 percent recycled version of board book material. Their durable, rounded edges slide easily into slots on the sides of the blocks, which allow the panels to stand upright and connect to other panels to build palace walls or a barnyard. Story Blocks panels are printed on both sides in bright, glossy colors with special green printing technology, using water-based inks. This new process provides vibrant colors, not the muted tones often found in eco-friendly printing.

The uniquely designed blocks are made from earth-friendly Sprigwood™, a child-safe bio-composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic that smells like pine and has visible wood flecks. When stacked, the blocks “lock” together to prevent children from accidentally knocking over their creations. Slots in the sides of each block hold pane ls upright and connect them together.

Each of the building sets is equipped with both small (5/8” x 1 3/4”) and large (1 3/4” square) blocks. While the blocks are secure when stacked, a preschooler can pull them apart with ease. The small blocks serve as stands and chunky handles for the character panels.

All pieces pack into an included, recycled cardboard storage box for easy clean up.

MSRP is $19.99 for the medium, 60-piece sets and $29.99 for large, 90-piece sets. Ages 3+.

The Story Blocks line also includes three unique books that feature 10 mini-blocks and several panels inside classic children’s fairytales, such as The Three Little Pigs. Story characters and other fun pieces lift easily from each book’s pages and press back in for storage. Priced at $14.99, these books and blocks let children 3+ bring classic tales to life and re-invent the plots.

Sprig Story Blocks will be available at toy stores everywhere in fall 2009.

Story Blocks are produced in Mexico to reduce Sprig’s carbon footprint. Packaging is 100 percent recycled chipboard printed with water-based inks.

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