Toy News - 2011 - Bandai America Incorporated Celebrates Icons, Innovation and Imagination at Toy Fair 2011
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Bandai America Incorporated Celebrates Icons, Innovation and Imagination at Toy Fair 2011

Leading Toy Manufacturer Reveals Exciting New Licensed and Original Toy Lines for Kids of All Ages CYPRESS, Calif. - February 10, 2011 - Bandai America Incorporated is bringing "Fun for the Future" to American International Toy Fair 2011, unveiling innovative new toys that will inspire creative play with pop culture powerhouse toy licenses and unique new brands, featuring industry-leading technology and trend-setting play patterns. From the iconic, action-packed new Power Rangers Samurai and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien licensed boy brands, to the inventive, patent-pending voice-powered Skreemsters vehicles, to the edgy rock-and-roll style of the new Tatumi girls activity line, Bandai America's 2011 line-up is poised to pique the imaginations of kids of all ages.

In addition to exciting new lines for the celebrated, award-winning Power Rangers and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien franchises, Toy Fair 2011 will also mark the debut of the never-before-seen ThunderCats toy line. Bandai is also introducing engaging new products to the charming Pocoyo preschool line, complementing the equally entertaining and award winning series airing on Nick Jr., PBS and Univision. The SwiggleTraks track and motorized vehicle sets will let preschoolers laugh and learn with Pocoyo and his colorful band of animal friends. Rounding out the line-up for girls, Good Housekeeping "2010 Best Toy Award" winning Fashion Design by Harumika is back, with new ways to mix and match fresh, fun fashions and accessories in 2011 with the Fashion Design by Harumika Component System, value priced at $5.99 each.

"Bandai America's diverse 2011 brand portfolio is bringing new innovation and highly anticipated licensed brands to the market, delivering hours of fun for children," said Mark Schaffner, Executive Vice President of Toys for Bandai America Incorporated. "The engaging play patterns offered by our 2011 line-up encourage kids to learn, laugh and imagine, all at a tremendous value that parents will appreciate."

Toy Fair 2011 product highlights include:

Action-Packed Adventure for Boys

    Power Rangers Samurai:
    Entering its 19th year in the U.S., the iconic Power Rangers franchise is helmed by Haim Saban who created and produced the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series in 1993. Together, Bandai America Incorporated and Saban Brands are introducing the newest line-up of Power Rangers toys to complement the new "Power Rangers Samurai" TV series currently airing on Nickelodeon, in which a new generation of Power Rangers must master the ancient Samurai Symbols of Power for control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. Highlights in the Power Rangers Samurai toy line are:
    • Deluxe Megazord ($29.99 SRP): The iconic Megazord returns with a sleek new Samurai look for 2011, a must-have for kids and collectors alike. Morph the individual Zords into Megazord mode or collect and combine the Cycles or Zord Vehicles to create an ultimate Megazord.
    • 6.5" Morphin Figure ($10.99 SRP): Get ready for action in a snap with Power Rangers Samurai 6.5" Morphin Figures. Switch Morphin Rangers morph from their secret civilian identities to their heroic Ranger mode with the flick of a button. Sword Morphin Rangers use the same technology to swipe their swords and keep evil villains at bay.
    • Deluxe Role Play ($24.99 SRP): Kids can suit up for battle alongside their favorite Ranger with the deluxe Samurai sword. With the pull of a trigger, the sword extends from compact carrying mode to over 2 feet in length and activates multiple battle sounds to let kids reenact their favorite Ranger battles.

    Bandai America Incorporated has launched the iconic ThunderCats toy line back into action. Inspired by the upcoming new animated television series, the Bandai America toys fuse sci-fi and sorcery to reignite the thrill of the classic 1980s series, with a new look that will have kids and fans shouting "ThunderCats, Ho!" The reimagined ThunderCats series from Warner Bros. Animation marks a creative collaboration with Studio4°C - one of the most vibrant animation studios in Japan - and is set to air in 2011. The never-before-seen toy line is making its debut at Toy Fair 2011:

    • 4" Figure ($7.99 SRP): Crafted with great detail and quality, collectors and kids can play with or display their favorite ThunderCats heroes and villains in their own environment and recreate scenes from the animated television series. Each 4" figure comes with a weapon and/or accessory that is unique to each character and includes an exclusive embedded magnet activation system that allows the figure to interact with, and activate unique features in, multiple ThunderCats products, including the Deluxe ThunderTank.
    • Deluxe ThunderTank with 4" Figure ($29.99 SRP): Storm into battle with the Deluxe ThunderTank and 4" Snarf Figure. Kids' favorite ThunderCats figure can ride inside and unlock special ThunderTank features, including "ThunderCats, Ho!" sound effects, with the embedded magnet technology. For serious action, launch ThunderBikes from the ThunderTank with the push of a button.
    • Deluxe Sword of Omens ($19.99 SRP): Wield the power of Lion-O and become a ThunderCat with the mystic Sword of Omens! With an extendable blade, lights and sounds, kids can let their imaginations roar with Lion-O, on his destined path to become king.

    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien:
    Inspired by Cartoon Network's top-rated, Emmy Award®-winning television franchise, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Bandai America has created the most exciting line of new products for fall 2011. These products capture the thrill and adventure of the popular TV program, letting kids experience "Hero Time" with out-of-this-world alien adventure fun. Marking its sixth year in retail, Ben 10 consistently ranks as one of the top ten action figure brands, according to The NPD Group. Three new items to highlight in this already stellar line up are:

    • Plumber Tech Kit ($29.99 SRP): Prepare for an out-of-this-world battle with one of the most advanced pieces of alien tech yet! Kids can convert the high-tech case into five different toys, each with unique play patterns: Deluxe Blaster, Mini Blaster, Super Decoder, X-Ray Scanner and Multi Scope. Sound, lights and voices delivered through the universal "Power Core" transform playtime into Ultimate Alien time.
    • Ultimate Chest Badge ($19.99 SRP): Kids can have all their favorite alien voices at their command with this badge, inspired by the one worn on all Ben's aliens. Turn the dial and push on the badge to hear 14 alien voices, seven from Ben 10: Alien Force and seven from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. There's more to experience, too, with intergalactic sounds and light.
    • Ultimate Ultimatrix ($24.99 SRP): The latest Ultimatrix is the most advanced yet! The unique, highly detailed design and translucent materials let the wearer see the Ultimatrix's inner circuitry and workings. Wearers can also search for the secret signature left by its creator - Azmuth. The Ultimate Ultimatrix's greatest features are its lights and sounds that are choreographed to inspire imaginative play and to provide the Ultimate Ben 10 experience.

Creative and Stylish Play for Girls

    Tatumi, a new and exciting activity line, allows tweens to tap into their creativity and design trendy styles for their fashionable lifestyles by applying temporary tattoos to virtually anything! This line of dolls and lifestyle activity packs combines the popularity of hip Japanese "Harajuku Style" and popular edgy fashion with a rock and roll twist - and brings it right to a girl's fingertips:
    • Tatumi Girls Collectable Figurines ($8.99 SRP): Each 4.5" Tatumi Girl vinyl figure comes with a set of 50+ decorative tattoos ranging in theme from Rock Diva to Sporty Girl, along with a figure base and applicator, so girls can design and decorate their own unique styles.
    • Tatumi Accessory Kits ($12.99 SRP): Girls can customize necklaces, bracelets, hand warmers and more to rock and roll their own style alongside their Tatumi Girl with this kit of multiple fabric pieces to tattoo-up with 50+ temporary tattoos.

    Fashion Design by Harumika:
    New for 2011, the Fashion Design by Harumika Component System allows even the youngest of fashionistas to take control of their designs by mixing and matching unique fabric combinations and fun fashion accessories, no sewing, cutting or gluing involved, each at an affordable $5.99:

    • Fashion Design by Harumika Dress Forms ($5.99 SRP): Available in an array of colors, each Dress Form allows for easy fashion designing using the patent-pending Style Lock System™ and includes a stylus tool to secure fabric, plus dress form base and pole so girls can show off their styles like designer pros.
    • Fashion Design by Harumika Fabric Packs ($5.99 SRP): New combinations of sold-separately fabric packs allow for endless designing options. Each pack includes two regular fabrics of varying patterns and colors, plus one formal fabric, and accessories to make girls' Harumika Dress Forms runway-ready.
    • Fashion Design by Harumika Corsets, Purses and Puppies: ($5.99 SRP each; sold separately): Every girl knows no look is complete without the proper accessories! Girls can glam-up their stylish dress creations with Corset, Purse and Puppy accessories, each using the patent-pending Style Lock System. Each two-piece Corset comes in different configurations to let girls pleat and tuck fabrics for more intricate styles. With four silhouettes to choose from, girls can style Purses to match their dress creations, too. Each Purse comes with two fabric swatches and a mini stylus tool. Girls can also customize four different types of Puppies to match their trendy dress creations. Each Puppy comes with two fabric swatches and a bone-shaped stylus tool.

Learning and Laughing for Preschoolers

    Following the adventures of an inquisitive, fun-loving preschooler, Pocoyo makes learning fun in this hit CGI series. Pocoyo and his animal friends, Elly, Pato and Loula, star in the show and engage audiences with music, dance and humor, encouraging children to learn through laughter. Now inspiring American audiences on Nick Jr., PBS and Univision, Bandai's toys capture the vibrant and exuberant world of Pocoyo and his animal friends:
    • SwiggleTraks ($26.99 SRP): A colorful, flexible race track gives preschoolers a creative way to play by allowing them to create a course that is uniquely their own. Music and a moving bridge add excitement as Pocoyo travels the track in his motorized musical car.
    • SwiggleWheels ($14.99 SRP): Preschoolers can find continuous fun with the SwiggleWheels motorized vehicle and never-ending circular track. Set assortments come with either Pocoyo, Elly or Pato, and each set includes two 16" SwiggleTraks and a collectable motorized vehicle with music. SwiggleWheels can be used with the sold-separately SwiggleTraks set.

    "Go Skreemsters Goooooooo!" Introducing Skreemsters, an innovative new vehicle line that uses patent-pending voice-activated technology to power each vehicle:

    • Rally Racers ($12.99 SRP): Kids get the ultimate power of control using their voices to power Skreemsters Rally Racers vehicles up to 50 feet! With four colorful vehicle styles to choose from, including race cars and police cars, kids will have a roaring good time with this new way to play.
    • Power Rumble Track Set ($49.99 SRP): Rev up Skreemsters Rally Racers on the Power Rumble Track Set! The vehicle and track set uses Skreemsters' patent-pending voice-activated technology to send vehicles racing along the track or execute stunt jumps with speed. Each set includes two unique cars, track links, "Skreem-O-Reader" and jump accessories.

Remote Control Fun with Hobby
    Hover Strike HC:
    • Hover Strike HC ($79.99 SRP): The Hover Strike HC remote control gliding vehicle is a new and exciting vehicle that has the ability to hover between 1.5" and 5" above the ground. Over water, grass and snow, this water-resistant, floatable toy can reach speeds of up to 30 mph and maneuver left, right and in reverse. Each Hover Strike HC comes with a rechargeable battery and remote control with a range of up to 225 feet.

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