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SHINING STARS® Shining Stars ®
(Approximate retail price: $15.00 each, Ages 3 and up, Available: Now)
In 2008, RUSS adds six brand new characters to its Shining Stars line: Hedgehog, Pegasus, Parrot, Pug, Raccoon, and Giraffe. Chosen by the Shining Stars online community at, each new Shining Stars friend is identifiable by the star icon and embroidered Shining Stars logo on its paw pad and comes with the opportunity to register and name a star with the International Star Registry®. Through RUSS’s Partnership with the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation™ kids can donate their hard earned ‘glow points’, the official currency of the site, to Starlight knowing that they are helping to make a world of difference for seriously ill children and their families. To date, over 5.5 billion ‘glow points’ have been donated
Russ Berrie's Activity Barnyard Set
(Ages: 12mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $25.00) You can bet the farm that your toddler will have a grand ole’ time with the Bright Beginnings Activity Barnyard Set. Once your tot opens the door to this cozy barn, he will find a cow that chimes, a squeaky little chick and a precious pig that rattles. Your little farmhand will be fascinated with all the touchable surfaces, fabrics and stimulating sounds!
Russ Berrie's Activity Princess Castle
(Ages: 12mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $25.00) Treat her like royalty with her very own Bright Beginnings Princess Castle. Her highness will open the castle doors to discover an entire kingdom just for her! She’ll be eager to play with her two removable soft stately friends and of course the royal pet dragon. All the members of the court have a rattle or squeaker inside and the set features different textures and materials.
Russ Berrie's Activity Train Playset
(Ages: 12mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $25.00) Pull up to the station and climb all aboard for fun. The Bright Beginnings Activity Train Playset is on the right track for imaginative adventures. Joined by two soft removable train cars and an engineer that will chime in, your little conductor will love discovering new destinations with vibrant colors and a mixture of shapes, textures and entertaining sounds.
Russ Berrie's Activity Tool Set
(Ages: 12mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $25.00) It’s time to construct a world of creativity with the Bright Beginnings Activity Tool Set. Complete with all the right tools, your little builder will enjoy hours of development and stimulating play. In their very own activity tool box, they will find soft tools of the trade, like a saw, a hammer that rattles and a pint-sized drill that squeaks. Whatever the problem, tiny tykes will be able to hammer out the details.
Russ Berrie's Activity Purse Set
(Ages: 12mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $25.00) Every diva needs a stylish purse and the Bright Beginnings Activity Purse Set is the ultimate fashion option! Decked out in soft pink velour, the activity purse features adorable accents and is loaded with all the necessities for the modern lifestyle. She’ll adore her embroidered cell phone that rings when pressed and keys that rattle. Then before she hits the runway she can take a peek in her very own soft mirrored compact that squeaks.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Bright Buddies
(Ages: 18mo+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $13.00) Dress up your child’s imagination with the Bright Beginnings Bright Buddies collection. These cute and squeezable animals are all set to teach basic dressing skills to your youngster. With laces to untie, zippers to unzip, and snaps and buttons to be undone, these bright and colorful friends make the perfect playmate! Bright Buddies can show your little one how to tie up those shoelaces tight, button up clothes and zip-up jackets. These plush pals will help your tot get all dressed up. Bright Buddies are available in six curious characters including Puppy, Cow, Elephant, Giraffe, Kitten and Pig.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Character Comfy Blankies
(Ages: Newborn+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $8.00) Rest assured your youngster will love the super soft Bright Beginnings Character Comfy Blankies. There will be enough comfort to go around with the extraordinarily soft blankets featuring vibrant colors and lively patterns. With a plush animal at the top and three tied corners, little ones will carry their comfy blankie everywhere! When it’s time to go night-night, they can snuggle up with their favorite cuddly blanket available in six styles including Kitten, Puppy, Elephant, Pig, Giraffe and Cow.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Jiggle Brights
(Ages: Newborn+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $10.00) Shake it up with the Bright Beginnings Jiggle Brights. Whether they are wiggling or jiggling, the Jiggle Brights rattles are flat out delightful! Your child will be fascinated with the mixture of different colors, designs and textures. The unique flat shape of the Jiggle Brights makes it easy for your own little squirmer to grasp. With six different lively plush friends such as Puppy, Giraffe, Kitten, Elephant, Pig and Cow, your bundle of joy can rattle the day away!
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings™ Booties
(Ages: Newborn-10mo., Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $8.00) Jump feet first into these warm and cozy Bright Beginnings Booties. Sporting colorful, vivacious patterns and a plush animal head, your baby’s tootsies will be too “bootie-ful” for words. Fitting cute little feet from newborn to 10 months, these Booties come in six different styles and will get your little one started off on the right foot.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Wrist Rattles
(Ages: Newborn-10mo., Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $4.00) Get ready to shake, rattle and smile with the Bright Beginnings Wrist Rattles. These plush animal wrist rattles will amuse your energetic baby for hours. Each rattle attaches easily to your child’s wrist with Velcro™ and comes in six dynamic characters and colors. So whether it’s Elephant, Cow, Kitten, Giraffe, Pig or Puppy, prepare to be rattled!
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Giggle Balls
(Ages: Newborn+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $7.00) Round we go! Your youngster will have a ball with the Bright Beginnings Giggle Balls. These super squishy Giggle Balls are sure to tickle your fancy. Surrounded in plush, these ball-shaped animal friends are charmingly cute and squeezably sweet. Just give your new fuzzy friend a hug and listen for the giggling sound. Collect all four including Puppy, Pig, Kitten or Chick.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Squeeze n’ Sound Vehicles
(Ages: Newborn+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $6.00) By plane, train, car or boat, your tot can journey to a land of imagination with the Bright Beginnings Squeeze n’ Sound Vehicles. These plush mini vehicles feature realistic vehicle sounds along with bright and colorful colors. Using different shapes, sounds and textures, your child will be transported into exciting new worlds.
Russ Berrie's Bright Beginnings Baby Legginz
(Ages: Newborn+, Available: Now in stores, Approximate Retail Price: $7.00) Get a leg up on fun with the Bright Beginnings Baby Legginz! This leggy barnyard bunch can sit down or stand up all by themselves. Standing at 7”, these irresistibly cuddly plush friends make their very own real animal sounds. Your toddler will have a great time horsing around with each of these three huggable pals including Lamb, Cow and Horse.

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