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Loveable Pups and Adorable Babies Capture Children's Imaginations

NEW YORK (Toy Fair), February 13, 2011 - The ever popular ZhuZhu Pets® are coming to life in a whole new way with adorable ZhuZhu Puppies™ along with their special puppy playsets, and new, miniature ZhuZhu Babies™ with their magical ZhuZhu-powered world. These exciting additions to the ZhuZhu Pets® family will give children and families new opportunities to love and explore the magical Zhu-niverse™.

"This is going to be quite an exciting year in the Zhu-niverse™ with two very fun brand extensions," said Russ Hornsby, CEO, Cepia LLC. "Extending our core ZhuZhu Pets® line with ZhuZhu Puppies™ and ZhuZhu Babies™ gives children even more unique personalities and characters to explore to create their own Zhu families."

ZhuZhu Puppies™ Making their paw print on the Zhu-niverse™, these pups love to scamper and be pampered! Like traditional ZhuZhu Pets® each ZhuZhu Puppy has its own unique symbol on its back which provides a clue about the pup's personality and behavior. The ZhuZhu Puppies™ bunch include a variety of breeds such as a Husky, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Dalmatian, Maltese and more! These playful pups are rambunctious, mischievous and loving. Take your adorable pups on a play date at the Bark Park, pamper them at the Posh Puppy Playhouse, dress them up or go for a walk in the special designer ZhuZhu Puppies™ carrier. ZhuZhu Puppies™ will undoubtedly make a loyal companion out of zhu!

ZhuZhu Babies™ The stork has landed and ZhuZhu Babies™ are taking over the Zhu-niverse™ one baby step at a time. There are more than 60 ZhuZhu Babies™ characters, each with its own special baby-sized birthmark - just like grownup ZhuZhu Pets®! Watch as these adorable little tots roam around and play in their sweet playsets, which their ZhuZhu Nannies magically power all by themselves with ZhuZhu Power. Simply place any ZhuZhu Pet® in the special ZhuZhu Babies™ "hub" accessory and watch the ZhuZhu Babies™ happily scurry with glee while they're at the playground, Gymboree, pre-school or baby nursery. ZhuZhu Babies™ like to be dressed and snuggled, too with darling baby wear that will make your heart melt - they are simply the most precious little hamsters in the Zhu-niverse™. Zhunatics everywhere will want to collect them all!

ZhuZhu Puppies™, ZhuZhu Babies™ and all ZhuZhu Pets® accessories are each sold separately at all major retailers.

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